Ex-Wiccans and Pagans.


Ex-Wiccans and Pagans.

Not all of us are ex-Christians, Muslims, or Catholic. If you were once Wiccan, Pagan, Astaru or anything labeled under the Neo-pagan umbrella here is your chance to tell your story. Tell your stoires here about your experinces with neo-pagans.

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Comment by James Kz on September 4, 2012 at 7:17am

Well, not much going on here so I will throw in my shilling's worth. I went straight from Family Traditional Wicca to atheism. (Last October, my wife finally got to me.)

Though I have been peripherally involved with other groups of Wiccans, mostly my practice was solitary in nature (pun, solitary, nature, oh never mind).

I always viewed the ideas of God and Goddess more as archetypes than as real beings, thus letting go of Wicca was not as difficult as I might have imagined. (I still wear my pentacle though, A-it's sliver, B-it still works as a talisman to repel Christian missionaries).

I find here in my new village in Nebraska that the villagers are even less comfortable with the idea I am an atheist than they were with me as a Wiccan (the old "you gotta believe in something" canard).

Until I met my wife, I'd never run into someone who'd rejected the supernatural premises of Wicca, though she still runs a Wiccan-oriented Website (for that matter, I'd not run into very many Wiccans at all, particularly when I was in the Navy)

Comment by Sarah Walton on May 24, 2012 at 5:27pm

Can anyone recommend some documentaries about the Salem Witch Trials or witch trials in New England?

Comment by Sarah Walton on May 10, 2012 at 10:12pm

You too, Steph!

Comment by Sarah Walton on May 5, 2012 at 8:02pm

Super good! Just got back from the California Academy of Sciences. Great way to spend a Saturday with friends!

Comment by Prog Rock Girl on May 5, 2012 at 1:19pm

Great idea Selina!

Comment by Selina Mannion on May 5, 2012 at 11:16am

I would like stories of leaving your religion for my anthology. I am looking for a story about 12 pages give or take. I am including one story for each religion in my book. I am a former muslim and my story will be included as well.

Comment by SDF on April 7, 2012 at 8:58am

Hi Don!  I have a big old Mjolnir tattooed on my left arm, I still wear my pentacle because I like what it represents, I still worship Mother Earth in my respect for the actual planet that supports me.  I kind of just dropped the religitardation that accompanies all magical/religious belief systems.  I love the old gods as poetry and metaphor.

Comment by Prog Rock Girl on November 15, 2011 at 8:23am

Interesting about the Dianic misandry, and also women's experiences might be more negative in paganism because of the cliquishness. I know that my wiccan group was completely controlled by "alpha females" and whoever was cute and flashy was followed without question.


Pantheism is allright I guess...it can be just a way of looking at things. Your definition of acceptance seems to be complete agreement, and that's hard to find anywhere. I also wanted to believe. And wanted to feel special like all these people who said things like "I always knew I was different before I even knew there was a name for it". Now I have the feeling that everything has a rational explanation and I like this better than the confused cognitive dissonance I used to have when trying to make sense of several conflicting belief systems.

Comment by SDF on November 15, 2011 at 7:35am

There doesn't seem to be much action going on here, but I'll put up my post.  I found it really difficult to push the join button to this sub-group.  Except for a little  bout with feminist Dianic misandry in the early nineties, I don't really have any negative memories or issues with Wicca and Paganism.  Even at my witchiest, I never really believed in the gods although I did and still do whole-heartedly love the archetypes.  I can be faithless and believe literally in the goddess and the god if they are literally mother earth and father sky/space.  I can literally worship Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Neptune and Pluto - and I do, as the planets that they are.

I have discovered through this site that I am a a Naturalistic Pantheist.  I am an atheist, full-blown, but I'm not skeptical enough to play reindeer games here, I've discovered.  It's sad.   As a Pagan, I felt acceptance and inclusion, but as an atheist without complete and merciless skepticism I'm not a full-ranking member of the little club.  I believe there are more powers to the mind than science can explain at this point.  While I firmly believe there are no gods, no heaven, no hell and no judgment, I'm not so convinced there's no possibility of ghosts, or some kind of reincarnation, (especially if not in the past but possible in the future through bionics)  Like Mulder in the "X Files"  I want to believe.  I love this stuff.  I miss out now that I'm getting more skeptical.  I never let a sage smudge or a crystal, or an aromatherapy oil keep me from seeing a doctor if I needed to, but I did those things as well, and they may have very well, being used that way, have been a good placebo that helped my mind heal me.  Now, I still love them, but doubt has replaced wonder and they're just pretty rocks and nice smells.

I still feel like I'd given up the harmful shit when I threw out Mormonism and Christianity and all "abrahamism" 32 years ago.  Having to give up the happy spirituality I'd retained since then sucks the big one and in some ways, actually, in a lot of ways I resent it.  But you can't go back.  I can't be the happy idiot in lieu of being educated but world-weary and alone.  And the thing that really sucks, is I can't be honest with my beliefs, and claim to not believe in any magick whatsoever.  I've seen improbable rainstorms happen during a raindance.  I've seen a murder of crows (murder is plural for crows - google it if you don't believe me!!) land inside of a circle of Wiccans in ritual.  I've felt the spirit of the mountain I was attempting to commune with in meditation.  I know, coincidence, coincidence, and what, indigestion, maybe?  Probably, but now I know I'll never experience or feel those things again, and the wonder and magick has been stripped from my life forever.  But I can't force myself to totally disbelieve them either, and because of that, the "atheist community" will never fully accept me.  

Comment by Prog Rock Girl on September 27, 2011 at 7:54pm
I remember some claims like that...what really took the cake was a girl and her mom who swore that babies could fly and nobody could see it because they didn't believe it. I mean one person can make any claim they want, but these whole conversations back and forth?

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