Over the years, I've run into a lot of fringe religions and cults.  Having disconnected from that "scene" 13 (+ or -) years ago, I've found new unfamiliar terms popping up... such as "chaos faery".

What the hell is a chaos faery?  I know these are actual people who define themselves thus, but... what does it mean?

I usually look things up on http://skepdic.com/, but even as great a job as Robert Todd Carroll does keeping Skepdic up-to-date, I am finding more and more terms/phrases that leave me scratching my head.... like "chaos faery".

Has anyone else run into woomeister terms that left you scratching your head?

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I've never heard of that term. The most recent one I've had to look up is "nova monkey."
Wossa "nova monkey"?
What was the context? Chaos faery sounds like some kind of Wicca/Eris mashup.

I came across "valkerie angel" not too long ago, that's just as weird a combination I guess.
Some woman describes herself as a "chaos faery".

hahaha! "Valkerie angel!"
Chaos faery kind of sounds like either some trickster spirit that people attribute to household mishaps, or like "drama queen", someone who comes in and gets everything in disarray, or someone who thrives in chaotic situations. Those are just the first things it brings to my mind.
I would have to agree with this interpretation... someone who sees it as their karmic duty to screw things up so that everyone can "learn spiritual lessons". ;)
I'm sure you're all familiar with the term "magick", that bothered me and I never used, even when I was a neo-pagan. I have seen the word get fucked up even more in the hands of the woomeisters online; I think the worst was m'jyk. Not kidding.
My favourite is when people start using terms from science fiction shows like Star Trek as metaphysical terms. I've heard "putting my shields up", among others.

Do pagans in the rest of the world frequently quote science fiction movies? I mean, I love the movies, but the incessant quoting got a bit tiresome. I think I've heard every line from "The Wrath of Khan" used in conversations rather than just in the movie.
I think that's more a sign of being a huge nerd than a woomeister. I should know; we can smell our own. ;)
Brainwave Entrainment Techniques? Is that psuedoscience, or just brainwashing?

Its really nice when you are sitting next to the most skeptical guy in the group as the night time ritual starts. When the demons really do show up stomping through the woods, bending trees, snapping branches and stepping out into the firelight to stare you down, eyes ablaze and salivating for your blood…

…well its just nice to have that skeptical, level-headed and intelligent guy be the first person to ask the question, “Do you see and hear that too?”

I was always the most skeptical person. (There's something wrong with being skeptical, level headed and intelligent?) And I have yet to have this kind of thing happen.
I love those types. One of the craziest people I ever met in Wicca was convinced that someone we barely knew from another city was causing the debilitating illness of our high priestess. I told him he was being ridiculous and this made him very angry. He insisted that she was under "psychic attack". We aren't talking about a little rash here, the lady was dying, and she was one of my dearest friends and lovers.

He then hijacked a ritual I was leading in her absence claiming that a spirit or some shit was coming over him and tried to get the group to focus on shielding her from psychic attack. I told him that the situation was bad enough without him adding to it with that crap and he backed down, but it was just nuts.

Of course I was also nuts for leading a Wiccan ritual, but I'm better now.
Gotta love the guys who never figured out that Wiccan rituals aren't LARPing.




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