So a lady is coming to my house on Friday to buy a lot of my wicca collection. I have tons of herbs and incense that I haven't used. I also have over 50 books that I plan to sell on ebay. I feel happy but at the same time I am sad. I know that I have grown as a person and am now putting away childish things. It was still hard for me to do though.


Have any of you sold all your items when you left paganism or did you keep some of them? Also what advice do you have on how to get the best prices for occult items you sell. I'm hoping to sell all 50 books in one huge auction on ebay that way I can get rid of it all at once.


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I used to live with another witch. Before I left the place, I gave her about half of my crystal collection, a lot of books and notes. All my stuff about runes and my hand made runes, tarot, etc. I think that moment she understood without me saying anything. I did, though, keep my notebook / book of shadows / call it what you want. It still has emotional value to me. I put time and effort in it, and I don't want it gone. I don't have the kind of hard feelings, that many people, leaving religion, have. It wasn't only a bad time.




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