Richard Dawkins has often said that Douglas Adams was his only "convert" to being a "radical atheist". I was just wondering if any of you would list Douglas Adams as an "in turn" influencer on your road to freethought.

I for one have pretty much been a lifelong freethinker, so I can't say Douglas Adams influenced me. However, i get great joy out of his writings, both fiction and in particular non-fiction. I would say that he had a way of expressing thoughts in a way that makes you laugh at the absurdity of some beliefs. He also uses language that is accessible to anyone.

Anyone care to share their thoughts?

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I think DNA helped me realise what I'd been thinking for a long time. I'm not sure I realised atheism existed as such until I read him.
Yes, in some way I was influenced by Adams though a bit after the fact.
My wife was the real catalyst for freethought but once my independent cognitive mechanisms were engaged there was no going back. Through a proces of several months afterwards, I would occasionally encounter an Adams quote or excerpt from those great works and think "Wow, so that's what he was talking about".

In that way, what I had absorbed through 6 of his books (I'm including tea-time and detective agency) began to reinforce what I had already started to feel, accelerating the process.

Douglas Adams is what I would call a type of "WD40" of intellectualism. Although not a definitive lubricant in and of itself, it is an excellent cleaner and minor friction reducer, just enough to break the rust free and get the gears turning a bit. In that analogy, I guess religion would be the "incredibly salt-laden water" that corrodes the bearings of our minds, dulling the teeth of interlocking gears and rusting the valves shut so that the entire machine functions at a very limited capacity, if at all.
Nice analogy! I am going to plagiarize it! :D



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