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I'm a little too young to have heard the Hitchikers' radio series first time round but was pretty much exactly the right age for the telly series.

I then forgot all about it until a mate leant me the first h2g2 book several years later. I got hooked and within a year had read pretty much everything he'd had published, bought the radio series on CD and the telly series on VHS. I think that was around about 1991.

How did you come across him?

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I had heard of the Hitchhikers' series, but never read it until I became an adult and found it indirectly.
My husband loves to go to library book sales to get bargains, especially Science Fiction/Fantasy, which we both like. He picks up stuff just in case its good and the cost is so low he can give it away if neither of us like it.
He grabbed this series because he loved the radio production of h2g2. However, when he found himself unable to get through the stories he shelved them. After finishing Good Omens (my favorite book of all time so far)I ran across the 3 volume Hitchhikers' series while looking for something new. Since then I've managed to get my hands on everything else Mr. Adams had ever written to my knowledge, including the book written for him posthumously And Another Thing.
I'm a very lucky girl to have married so well.


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