On H2G2  - The Hitchiker's Guide website started by Douglas Adams, later purchased by the BBC - I contribute regularly to a small enclave of online QI fanatics in our own emulation of The Great Quiz show. 

We have our very own page dedicated to quizzing each other in QI battles of wit and deviousness.

I invite anyone to come take a look (and join in!)

The Society can be found here:

Some questions I've written but there are a lot of people contributing and we've been doing this for about three years now so the backlog of Quite Interestingness is massive but well worth scanning through.

These are some recent favourites of mine.

Aesop's Fabled Threads

Not In China

Listen! An Oracle.

Let The Rookie Win

All that glitters

Penning an Open Letter

Culture and Infamy

The Scoring system I helped devise is as follows:

+6 for anything Quite Interesting tangentially related to the question or not, awarded at question setter's discretion.

+3 for a (or the) correct answer.

+2 for anyone who sets a question, a little incentiviser.

+1 for 'Decreasing General ignorance'  - Again at Question Setters discretion.  This is for the nearly right answers which narrow the scope for future guesses, a bit like.  "I've thought of a number out of 100."  Is it an odd number like 3?" No it isn't have a DGI bonus for working out it is not an odd number."

& finally

-5 for a klaxon.  These are pre-determined false answers, if someone says them they get walloped with the loud noise and 5 points are deducted from their score.

And that is how we play QI!

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