We a now forming!  I'm located in Sapulpa, Oklahoma, and I feel as though I'm all alone.Yes there is ACT in Tulsa, but I don't want to be part of a huge group. Lost amongst the crowd. I want to start this local fellowship to create a place to belong for me and my family. For a sense of community that I can belong too. I truly feel isolated and unsupported because of my denying to accept belief in their invisible supernatural god. So me and my family haven't been able to enjoy a sense of community and a ready source of personal, emotional, and social enrichment and support. So, please, if you are local let's hook up and work together to build a local fellowship. I have done research on my choice of a REALITY based religion and while I was happy to find the Church of Reality. I read their website and found it to be exactly what I was wanting. A  community of fellowship to embrace that revolves on the basis of reality! Unfortunately I found that they have not established any physical location, so I'm am trying to do so for my local area of Sapulpa, Oklahoma. If you check out their website and feel it is in your alley, then please try to start up your own Fellowship of Reality for your own location. Together we can build a network of smart thinking fellowships that can work together to help our world.


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