There's a thread over at the Atheist News group about clitoroplasty. Here in the US, parents are having their young daughters undergo this procedure to correct "clitorimegaly", or (what they consider) oversized clitorises. The discussion on Atheist News is titled "FGM-it's closer than you think". 

Here's the link:

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I have always envied women with large clitoris, mine is so very small. Of course I would never have known that mine was small were it not for porn, but no matter. Clitoral orgasms were always a challenge to me because it's so small it's hard to keep a finger effectively on it :(

How terribly sad that people get them cut. Damned patriarchy always thinking they can fix nature!

These poor kids could be inter-sexed.  I have been learning about inter-sexed people through reading and websites.  Inter-sex support websites are filled with accounts of the consequences of these surgeries done in infancy.  I had thought practice was being replaced with allowing the child to grow up naturally and deciding about their bodies and life at the appropriate age.

Now that I've found out about Dr. Poppas, I worry about how many others there are.  His surgeries are mutilation.  His follow up test for sensitivity could be viewed as sexual assault of a minor.  This man should be stopped.

Gross! Do they surgically reduce the size of their boy child's penis by the same logic?




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