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But, if we're speaking of a science of morality, which some are, if we're claiming ethics (as some xians use the argument we can't have any, b/c we don't have g*d), then we are agreeing on some standards of comportment. I have brain injuries. I KNOW about impulses toward violent, abusive, cruel, sadistic behavior. Believe me. If I can comport MYself without crawling in the gutter, SURELY Thunderf00t and others can, as well. And, if they do not, why are they not called on it? People who would NEVER call a debate opponent a "nigger" because he is Black feel perfectly free to call me a "cunt" or a "twat" because I'm a woman? Why? Because they're not afraid of me? THAT is how we create morals and ethics? I don't think so. Some of the biggest voices on YouTube in atheism are woman haters, terrified of gender variance and definitely racist against Middle Eastern Muslims. And nobody calls them on it.

The internet is a marketplace of ideas. Those with a knack of knowing how to draw emotional responses from people are the popular ones. A vast majority of atheists are still pliable by an emotional call, sceptic is just a buzz word people use to appear more intelligent. It's just like newfound atheists calling religious people stupid... were they not religious themselves only a short time ago?

I don't think this is about morality. It's about supply and demand. And coming out as you are doing against a moron is what more atheists need to be doing.

Because we're a very small numbers, there are those who say let's band together, let's not bring down our own... but lets ;)

It's important that people everywhere, atheists and theists, realise that most of the people who upload videos are attention seekers, this is what the internet is now made up of (wasn't so in the beginnings), and that people like him do not 'represent' atheists.


You're right. TF recently uploaded a video calling the atheist YouTube community "stagnant:" a few, giant trees, blocking the light, so the small, new ones can't grow. Well, I've been hearing folks I'm subscribed to smacking TF around all day! So, I actually went to his channel, watched the video and just face palmed at the absurd arrogance. Then, I posted a link to this video in his comments and said, "I'm your chain saw, boi!" Lots of folks are unsubbing from his channel and the critical videos are biting, sardonic and honest. TF gets paid by Google; he panders to lowest, common denominators like sexism, racism, snobbery and aggression: stuff the geek boys suck in like air. None of the people I truly respect on YT are PAID to be there. MOST list their work as creative commons, so it can be reused. Most of us refuse adverts on our channels. YT hates us. LOL

Jubus, I didn't know there was such a negative hate war going on... I stick to watching you tubes by educated people, such TED conference material or atheist conference material or documentaries from the BBC etc.  Why bother for 1 minute with B grade abusive hate tubes?  I think I listened to about 20 seconds of the one above to realise that it was complete rubbish, not worth watching for another second.


I get my You Tube recommendations from Atheist Nexus and the Naturalism Facebook page, or good friends who share my values / passions.


Protect yourself and censor your own viewing to include only things that create personal well-being - not soul destroying rubbish. :)

Be cautious with TED... they have lots of morons too... Anthony Robbins,  Donald Trump. Some days it seems that TED now allows just about anyone to pretend they invented some idea. They're not what they used to be.

Sure - confront them on it.  I agree - I don't like abusive language directed towards anyone.  I think it is a product of fear - of not being safe or not getting some need met.  These people are without other skills of expressing their fears - so they use abusive language in order to feel more powerful and in control.


So what is the most effective way of dealing with such behaviour?


I suppose it depends just how supported they are in getting their needs met in a non violent way, in addition to how much others are willing to be supportive and provide protection.


In this case I think that one persons response to their own fear has lead to threatening others, which has created more fear for others.  This has compounded the situation, making it worse.


Non violent communication is a good start to overcoming fear.


For example:  When you use abusive terminology in an aggressive manner, I feel threatened, because I need to feel safe.  Would you be willing to change the way that you express your own feelings and needs?

Ah, but Thunderf00t, et al, have set themselves up as rational, etc. TF's channel says, "Science and Reason for the WIN!" Well, throwing sand in an opponent's eyes, in order to win a beach volleyball game, is cheating. And there's a HUGE conversation, started by Sam Harris, I believe, on a real, scientific study of morality. So, I can bust them on their hypocrisy; they have NO problems with busting theists on theirs! My argument is for the silent people, who haven't been presented with non-theism as an option before: What are we modelling to them?

I couldn't agree more!

The video link didn't work for me.

Up here in the Great White North under two feet of snow it's working fine :)

I agree, Mriana.  I tend not to sling shit, as it were, unless they sling first.  If they do, I usually respond with a rude comment and then leave the conversation for good.  There was one person I was going 'round with on Youtube and we disagreed on everything, but they never once were rude or started calling names or anything so I continued to "argue" with them and the conversation eventually just fizzled out.  We'll never get anywhere calling people idiots, not to mention the fact that it's just plain not nice.  We can think they're idiots all we want, but once people start slinging mud, the conversation is pretty much over anyway because everyone stops really listening.

One of the lines she gives explains where she first went wrong. She says she came to TF for his science videos. That is where the first dupe happened. Placing emotional marvel onto science is feeding that religious habit that ex-religious people have where they're constantly looking for godlike "marvel" in nature. These kinds of videos are near useless. To all newly arrived atheists here who go to TV and internet to learn about science... stop!

Go get a science degree, or two, then come back here and debate science. But science is not done on the armchair. There are a great number of non scientists out there speaking in the name of science, and doing more harm than good because of twisting basic fundamentals.

Before atheists make blanket statements such as "I love science", better to understand science. Sciences are not about "love" they're about trudging years and years of 18-hour days through loads of books, exams, profs, and spending tons of money... Not from an internet page.

Back to TF... not many scientifically educated people would waste a moment on his opinions. I listened to him once a long time ago, and knew I'd never waste time on him again.


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