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Agreed, I visited that place a couple of times and chosen to never return.

If more women were leaders in the Atheist movement, this macho Ram Bucking Ram Horns approach that she is criticizing would go away.

If MEN (particularly: white, able-bodied, economically privileged, cis gendered, heterosexual) would restrain their egos, stop posturing, quit abusing and dominating and ridiculing, more women would step into leadership roles. Same with people of color, those with disabilities, trans & Queer people, economically exploited people. Stop blaming the victims.

In Alberta, the most right-wing, USA-styled place in Canada, the leader of the Conservative party is a female, the leader of the extreme-right-wing opposition party is a female. Remember Margaret Thatcher?

Until females free themselves of male ways of thinking, placing females in power is of no help whatsoever. Us who are born with vaginas need to distance ourselves from the standards created by the society over the last 2500 years, and recreate a society where that is not obsessed with the other religions people forget to speak of: GROWTH and POWER. Until then, females are but replicating what this patriarchal society has taught us.

house slaves get better rations & hand-me-downs than field slaves.

I was disappointed with the women that dawkins has appointed to the american reason foundation who spoke at the athiest reason rally.... she sounded quite hysterical 

I did not attend, but I'm intrigued about who you're thinking of? I generally find "leaders" disappointing anyway :)


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