I have been struggling with how to write about this.   Then I watched the interview John F. O'Donnell did with Monique Hazzard on Redacted Tonight (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggszfVR6cdg).  I like her premise, that the oppressed people should be making strategy to overcome oppression without regard to the feelings of the oppressors.  I would like to hear the atheist female voice on this issue and given the name and description of this group am hoping (though I have my doubts) this is the best venue for such a discussion .

I can think of several topics I'd like to discuss with other female atheists, but feel that the elephant in the room needs to be addressed first.  If this group is as described, I look forward to future discussions with females of courage.  If I am wrong, then I guess I can go elsewhere.  It feels really awkward testing the waters this way, but what the hell.  I'd like to know what this group is really about.

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What has become clear to me in the last couple of years, is that "feminism" has become menz feelz with liberal feminism.

And so, in asking your question, you must ask it to three audiences:
1-Lib fems, which are basically Hugh Heffnor.s in skirts and lipstick
2-Radical feminists, who are for dismantling patriarchy in its entirety, and usually the religion that accompanies it, tho not always
3-"Whatever" feminists, those feminists who are feminist in word only, like Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and prez Obama, and the little girl from those magic movies, those feminists who think feminism is a "self defined" concept and needs not relate to any definition outside their own self perception...

I'm not sure how the membership of this group breaks down.  I was hoping this post would reveal that.

There is now a divide between liberals and neo-liberals.  I have seen a similar divide in feminism.  Both groups have been co-opted to serve the ends of more conservative elements.  While the word liberal has become a dirty word most don't want to associate with, feminism has been diluted to the point that it is applied to many that would not in the past have merited the title.

Most disturbing is the apathy that grows daily toward this co-optation.  As an example, this group is called Female Atheists and described as exclusively female, yet males have felt entitled to join, which is no surprise.  The surprising fact is that they were allowed to join despite a description for the group expressly telling men this is an exclusively female group.  This is baffling to me.  It also may be why there is so little participation in the group. 

This post is my first to this group.  It may be my last given the situation and the fact that with men in the group, women may not be participating.  I have hesitated to participate for just this reason.  I initially asked when joining if this is a safe place for females to discuss things.  With the lack of activity, it is hard to tell.  I can only interpret based on my experiences in other groups I've been in.  Women tend to participate more freely when men aren't in the group.

This may not go over well with some women who say they feel free to express themselves with men in the group.  Women, express themselves less in mixed groups in the research I've seen, over time and across age ranges of participants studied.

Then again, given the lack of participation in most groups on Atheist Nexus, maybe apathy has overtaken the network generally.

Yep, sad reality




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