Be fore warned and be prepared for your answer.  I wish I had.

I just received a telemarketer type telephone call asking to speak to my husband.  When that was not possible they agreed to speak to me.  This sweet little voice said they were calling for the pro-life campaign.  I always hang up on telemarketer calls so hung up too soon.  Boy, would I have had a thing or two to say to that sweet little voice.


I wonder if these calls are being made all over the country or just here in the south where they probably expect to be well received.


Please let me know if you receive any of these calls.

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Thanks for the warning.  I don't like telemarketer calls in the slightest measure, but if those idiots want to ring my bell, they would be well advised to hang on to their earlobes!

I have had a few of these calls.  I had to reduce the greeting on my voice mail.  This is what I said.

Please listen the complete message to see where you may not belong on my phone.This number is on the do not call list.

If you are the following people I am not interested in your scams.

  • IRS scam scheme.  You have threatened me with your bogus SWAT team.  Let me introduce you to my Law Firm of Smith & Wesson, my paralegals Heckler & Koch, my administrative assistant Sig Sauer and my receptionist Glock.
  • Obamacare
  • Other health insurance
  • Fraudulent lowering my credit card scheme
  • *Charity organizations (due to the chronic abuse from scammers, you are now included in the list due to your abuse as well.
  • Microsoft virus scams
  • Car warranty (I have never owned a Toyota)
  • Collection agencies trying to collect someone else's debt

If you are not on the list please feel free to leave a message and I will call you back. Have a nice day.

Ladies, feel free to add to your list.




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