I hope to be back later to add more to these, but if someone else has time to give more information about any of the women listed, that would be great.  These brief entries do not do justice to any of these women.  

Sikivu Hutchinson:  Atheist Nexus member.  Author.  Recently spoke at the African-Americans for Humanism conference.  Blogs at BlackFemLens, and posts many of her entries on Atheist Nexus.  Google.

Taslima Nasrin:  Atheist Nexus member. Author.   From Wikipedia:  A Bangladeshi ex-doctor turned author who has been living in exile since 1994. From her homepage:  A timeline of her life.  A list of her banned books.  Google.

Greta Christina:  Atheist Nexus member.  Her blog. Author.  She writes about atheism, politics, queerness, and sex. Google.

Margaret Downey:  Atheist Nexus member.  Via Wikipedia:  Atheist activist who is the former President of Atheist Alliance International and the founder and former president of the Freethought Society of Greater Philadelphia.[1][2] She also founded the Anti-Discrimination Support Network, which reports and helps deal with discrimination against atheists  Margaret Downey Fan SiteGoogle.

Amanda Metskas:  Atheist Nexus member.  Executive director of Camp Quest, Inc.  Author.  Google.

There are many more, but I don't have time just now.

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Can I help by adding a few?

At the recent Rise of Atheism conference in Melbourne, Australia they had a women's panel with Maggie Millar, Lyn Allison, Leslie Cannold, Tanya Levin and Jane Caro. These women are well-known and well respected in Australia and spoke about various aspects of being women and feminists within the atheist movement. It would have been good if each had had an hour to present rather than just 10 minutes and a panel discussion, but at least women's experiences were presented to the audience. It's a small start, but it's a start.

Taslima Nasrin, who Grundgetta mentioned, also presented at The Rise of Atheism. Her account of her persecution in Bangladesh and West Bengal was horrifying. She was the only speaker who had to be accompanied by body-guards because of the threats against her life. Her dedication is truly inspiring and her presentation was riveting. She received a standing ovation after her presentation and I tell you, she deserved it.

Catherine Deveny and Sue-Ann Post (who describes herself as 'Australia’s favourite six foot, lesbian, ex-Mormon, diabetic, comedian and writer') provided entertainment on the opening night. Sue-Ann Post has written several books on her recovery from Mormonism. Catherine Deveny (recently sacked from The Age newspaper in an unrelated controversy) had a show 'God is Bullshit. That's the good news' at the International Comedy Festival in Melbourne.

Kylie Sturgess runs skeptics podcast, Podblack Cat, and was one of the MCs for The Rise of Atheism.

Quite a few of these women may only be famous in Australia, but as part of the big ol' global atheist world it's important to note their contributions!

For anyone interested in skepticism and science as well as atheism there is the terrific Skepchick blog full of fabulous writing by women.
How about Annie Laurie Gaylor and Julia Sweeney? I also thought of Katha Pollitt [sp] and Ayaan Hirsi Ali.




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