A thread to discuss how your atheism and feminism interact. What's it like being a feminist atheist? What does each title mean to you? What, if anything, were the "click moments" that inspired you?

I'll start. I think that, for me, feminism and atheism go hand in hand. Both words are frequently stigmatized, misunderstood, and sometimes just plain feared. Both concepts are about freedom, and being yourself.

I think that the link between the two is strengthened when you look at all the misogyny carried out in the name of religion. It is, after all, the Religious Right that so strongly opposes women's reproductive rights here in the United States. It's the extreme religious fanatics who are the ones pushing a return to traditional gender roles, patriarchy, and keeping women's voices quiet. I think that religion is the number one excuse people use for for promoting heinous human rights violations, discrimination and subjugation of women worldwide. I also think that this misogyny comes not just from a few lunatics twisting religion to use for this end, but from the very roots of most mainstream religions.

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I agree totally. Chipping away at religion in this country can only mean good things for women, gays, minority's, and rational people everywhere.
I think I actually started questioning the bible when I learned about feminism. The bible justifies so many wrongs against women like rape and violence. I went to a highschool where we had abstinence-only education, and I think that Christianity also perpetuates the sexual double standard. No one obsesses over female virginity more than religious men. I've met alot of women atheists who say they left their religion when they found feminism. Feminism is about freedom, equality and peace, and religion is all about control, hate and domination. I've met alot of Christian or Muslim feminists (they're obviously very liberal), but I still don't know how they justify how God encouraged slavery and homophobia.

I find that the goals in the feminist and freethought movement being really similar. Both are combatting the religious right. They both support sexual and reproductive freedom, equal rights for the LBGTQ community and comprehensive sex-education.
I think Feminism and Atheism go hand in hand. I am free because I'm not beholden to the original sin of Eve and her causing the downfall of humankind.

I do think women are the most oppressed people on the Earth and no matter what color of person gets equity, it's usually the female of that type of person that experiences the benefits of it last. I try not to let that get me down though, mainly because my husband is not a dick and I'm happy about that.
I very much see life the same way as Dawkins, the gene-centered view. In this framing, there are absolutely no reasons not to view the female of the species as the more important of the two sexes. Females don't have to exert tremendous amounts of energy trying, fighting, dancing, singing to be selected for mating partners, they just sit back and chose. The simple fact that they invest so much more of their body in the act of mating sells it for me. And, considering they are much more aware and intuitive in interpersonal communication, it angers me that there aren't more female politicians.

Oh humans. With your socially constructed ideas of sexuality. So silly.
I can agree that female leaders are often better than men, simply because men are more focused on progress and competition, females are more focused on making sure everyone has it good, before progress and competition is thought of.

This of course could very much relate to maternal instincts. Now that I think about it it angers me too, because I am thinking of how such a different world we would live in if every country had a female leader instead of a male one.

I also agree that all this make up stuff is silly... It was actually great hearing a famous photographer saying to will-be models that only ugly women wear make up, particularly considering how extreme the fashion industry is about just that.

I really wish I could ban all the make up ads on TV. What the hell do we need them for?!
I agree - atheism is simply the absence of a belief in god/s and infers nothing about a persons political, social or sexual views. An atheist might be a misogynistic capitalist entrenched in the patriarchy and a rabid homophobe. It does not infer deep intellectual thought - I know many have come to it through that process but it is not a requirement. Feminism on the other hand does require intellectual process and the adoption of a set of ideological beliefs.

And in the west your triumvirate of capitalism, religion & patriarchy is quite valid - western capitalism grew out of the industrial revolution which in turn was driven in the main by the extreme protestants who were excluded from many other professions because of their religious views - and a more misogynistic bunch of rabid patriarchs it would be hard to find lol.
Logic = feminism in my book.
Well said, you two! I hadn't thought of it that way. Atheism is just a lack of belief in god(s). Feminism is actually a philosophy/belief system. There are lots of atheists (I'm looking at you, Christopher Hitchens!) that are very anti-feminist. (You too, Camille Paglia!)
It is correct that every early agricultural religion actually priased females, mostly because of their power of fertility. It was believed that this power could affect the crops too, since crops grow just like children grow. I am thinking if I am finding a logic here, that if men indeed are more interested in competition, it was probably also why the female rule disappeared, they just simply competed out the females, since females are less interested in great achievements.

We actually have no real claim that says that the first human societies were actually lead by men, particularly MALE scientists tend to draw this logic, just because men are in power today.

But if you look at many different animals, I would say it is as common having females in power (especially note inspects) as male. I really wish men were better fighting their testosterone, which I very much believe had a major impact in this.




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