Ok, I'll be honest, I mostly hang out in chat and occasionally lurk in groups, which means that incidents where I'm calling people on inappropriate behavior are probably more frequent than they would be otherwise.  Fortunately, those who are the most vocally sexist/aggressive/inappropriate don't usually last long, but all too often, I'm the only one actively standing up to them.  While men in chat will occasionally PM me to let me know they agree with me, very few actually say anything to the offenders.  I once spent two hours explaining to another member why greeting me with a 'rape face' was completely out of line.  I also took a lot of flack for objecting to another member calling me a whore (and for ignoring him because of it).  I could go on, and on, and on.  Yes, I do report users who are abusive, but often nothing happens.

Consequently, I think I'm just going to start linking this article when that kind of nonsense is going on. It's a well written, straight forward explanation of rape culture from a male point of view.   And since the people who tend to have the most trouble understanding that they're being inappropriate have no respect for women, it may be a good tactic, although there's no way a man's words should be in any way worth more than mine.


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The article is well written, but I doubt the author is sincere.  He does write for Playboy.



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