The Jordan effect: Third of young women would swap IQ for larger br...

Shocking new research shows almost half of young women aged 18 to 25 would prefer to have large breasts than high intelligence - with a third even saying they would gladly swap.

‘These figures show that women still loathe their bodies on an industrial scale.’

Would You?

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I heard about that -- that is just sad! Just shameful that people are so shallow!

No I would not do that at all -- I would rather be smart!

I wonder what the response would be if they asked those same young women if they would rather listen to the sizzle of a steak and smell it as it cooked, rather than to be able to EAT said steak.  It seems to me that expresses one of the most choices people make these days:

Sizzle vs. Steak.

Appearance vs. Substance.

Right exactly -- appearance versus substance

Big boobs in a patriarchal society are not appearance, they ARE substance. Big boobs in a patriarchal society gets females more money, more power, more goods.

Do I like it? NO. I'm a 40A with a big butt, and I make very little money. But in order to extend the life of my already shoddy spine, I may end up becoming a 40-AA. Since I won't be breeding, my breasts are useless to me (otherwise than money). Maybe it's because I've always been an atheist--scientist--jock--anti-breeder, but I've always felt my breasts were nothing but a nuisance. Had I not been successful in sports and brain activities, I would probably have a completely different opinion of my breasts!

These are the very reasons I am a feminist, in order to create a shift in the world's power structure, to get away from this patriarchal society that has been our ball and chain for 2.5 millenia.

You say, "I've always felt my breasts were nothing but a nuisance." I've personally had a very different experience. Breasts are sex organs, for both genders. A world without breasts, completely apart from procreation, wouldn't be nearly as much fun.

I only half agree. Breast stimulation is fun, sure, I also get pleasure from caressing the hollow of my forearm, my toes, my lips of course, my ear lobes, my belly button... but the breasts are not sexual organs, they are lactating organs. Their ecological/biological sexual role, if even there is one, is limited to demonstrating to males that the breasts are apt to feed an infant. Animals who are not overfed (including humans) tend to have very small breasts which do not say much about maternal capacity. We humans, through religious censorship, have developed a fascination with breasts, because we've been hiding them for so long, and the chronic overfeeding causes them to be large and jiggly, uselessly. My sex life without breasts would not lack in any quality any more than loosing other sensitive body parts. I was an athletic youth, my nipples and my breasts were very small compared to the non athletic females of my cohort, until my fat percentage increased in my thirties, then they also increased in size. This new thing of having men look at my breasts is a turn-off for me. Just because a body part can contribute to fun in bed does not define it as a sexual organ. I also tried being a blond once, and forseeably, a whole new flock of males became interested in me, who had not been previously interested. It's all so superficial!

Humans obsess about fun, I like fun, but I'm about functionality.

Not sure I trust the sample.

The survey of 1,142 women by the discount website by  aimed to discover more about the attitudes young women hold towards brains and beauty.

Good point!

That depends on what I’d been socially conditioned to value most. If I’d been socially conditioned to value money, selfishness, and wrecking the planet with a consumerist first-world lifestyle then I’d certainly choose the breast$ because they’ll be what best enables me attract a man, who is better equipped in a male supremacist society to allow me to indulge in my selfish desire$. I’d also choose the breasts if I were living in the third-world because they’d be best at seeing to it that I had a secure survival.

IQ tests are bullshit and no real gauge on someone’s intelligence unless you consider “intelligence” to be the ability to parrot back what the suit-dummies have tried to drill into your mind, much of which is false and distorted and doesn‘t address some of the most fundamental truths that anyone considering themselves to be intelligent should know (such as that democracy cannot exist under capitalism, and that we live under the dictatorship of the capitalist class). But if by IQ you mean accumulated knowledge arrived at through scientific analysis, then I’d certainly pick it in any case where I did not fear for my secured survival and ability to live with dignity, or if I was enabled by leadership with proper vision to cast aside that fear and become a revolutionary.

Some also may value breasts over intelligence due to the wave of anti-intellectualism that is plaguing the education systems. Post-modernism, relativism, woo-woo, all manners of “you can’t know anything, and anyone who claims to know something is full of shit” sort of replacement drug that the capitalist class is drugging people with now that the religion drug is wearing off more people. Both drugs are aimed at keeping the world the way that it is with their class sitting on top of and overseeing a world that has long passed the ability to produce adequate food, clean water, shelter, and health care for all, yet we see people dieing all around from treatable conditions.

This is a nicely written response. However I don't get how large breasts secure survival, the initial "lots of milk" instinct isn't necessarily born out empirically.  

I liked this part since I'm wildly skeptical of pomo:

"you can’t know anything, and anyone who claims to know something is full of shit” sort of replacement drug that the capitalist class is drugging people with now that the religion drug is wearing off more people."

I'd like to quote that to some Derrida fanatics.

q: Do people really find the woman on the left attractive?  I think she looks ridiculous as does most of Hollywood.  Maybe it's just me? 

I think she looks ludicrous, but my gaze is drawn to her silicone push-ups.

It's not "lots of milk," but wanting to compete for mates within the constraints of male domination. If you don't want a traditional self-absorbed male with no real respect for women, then breast augmentation holds little allure. But, even nice guy egalitarian men are drawn to big breasts. *sigh*

I hate to brag but I have the unique joy of not having to choose. And what makes big breasts so great anyhow, they get in the way when I PT.




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