The Jordan effect: Third of young women would swap IQ for larger br...

Shocking new research shows almost half of young women aged 18 to 25 would prefer to have large breasts than high intelligence - with a third even saying they would gladly swap.

‘These figures show that women still loathe their bodies on an industrial scale.’

Would You?

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On a similar note, Jessica Valenti delves into the downside of cosmetic surgery to help girls "feel competent."

This is a fucked-up country to grow up in, especially as a girl. And we all want to give young women the tools necessary to succeed. So let’s teach girls to survive a misogynist culture with a fist, not a smile.

The Upside of Ugly

Results of $40,000 cosmetic surgery.

Weird maybe... I don't consider ear flap glueing to be cosmetic surgery... in the conventional sense. I was born in the 60s in the boonies, and frankly, even in that small community, I knew several kids, boys equally to girls, who'd had their floppy ears stitched back, in a regular hospital, by a regular doctor, not a cosmetic surgeon. In the matter of floppy ears, it seems to be equal opportunity for both sexes, so I have no issue with this aspect.

I realise article deals with a lot more, but I just don't like to see multiple concepts clumpted together. The illusion of female beauty is a very real problem.

I agree the the illusion of female beauty is a real problem. Have you read the Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf? I have been critical on society's view on female beauty ever since I read that book.

That sounds like an interesting book. Thanks for recommending it.


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