There's a thread over at the Atheist News group about clitoroplasty. Here in the US, parents are having their young daughters undergo this procedure to correct "clitorimegaly," or (what they consider) oversized clitorises. The discussion on Atheist News is titled "FGM-it's closer than you think". 

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this "category" of shit is happening in Canada too. We have seen an increase in honour murders committed by family members onto young women who refused hijabs or were found to not be virgins on wedding night.

Canada finds itself in a different situation on these matters than the USA. The level of religiosity in the USA has always been very high and therefore new immigrants who bring their ass-backward religions from the thirdworld simply fit right in.

But in Canada, we've "assumed" a secular society stance for a couple of decades and this new wave of third world immigrants come with their ridiculous religions to fill all the cheap labor positions left unfilled by the baby gap, since Canadian women rightly choose to reduce baby production.

So Canada is losing it's secularity to immigrants. And religious crimes of all sorts are gaining ground.

It is an infuriating situation because so many of my friends are "pro" multi-etchnic cultures and the Canadian government has brainwashed Canadians into believing we must allow the entry of all this cheap labor.

Religion/immigration/politics/economy all intertwined, what a mess.
This has been going on since the 50's- At one point it was even done without legally needing to inform the parents- it was viewed that it would distress them too much. The book 'Woman' by Natalie Angier touches on this in more detail. While the comparison of FGM with male circumcision is offensive since FGM is more comparable to a penile amputation, circumcision of males is also barbaric and should be illegal. Any form of body modification should only be legal when a child reaches the age of consent- if they want to cut themselves at that point it should be their business but no child should ever have organs cut out or off for aesthetics.




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