Michael T. Klare, professor of peace and world security studies, says that what appears to be this administration’s unprecedented level of foreign policy dysfunction and lack of strategic vision actually makes sense as Donald Trump moving to obliterate the existing world order and to lay the foundations for a new one - a world in which fossil-fuel powers will contend for supremacy with post-carbon, green-energy states. Abandoning the soft power of NATO and other alliances, he appears to seek a hard power petro-state alliance with Saudi Arabia and Russia. Rejecting the Paris Accords, taking sides with Saudi Arabia, and full throttle fossil fuel development fit this hypothesis. He says, “... the world will soon be divided into two camps, each competing for power, wealth, and influence: the carbonites on one side and the post-carbon greens on the other.” See: Tomgram: Michael Klare, "The Battle Lines of the Future"

Reading about Sweden's new law to go carbon neutral by 2045, I was struck by the role of gender in this possible petrostate-autocracies versus post-carbon-greens power struggle.

Sweden passes climate law to become carbon neutral by 2045

in comparison to Team Trump.

Meet Team Trump

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