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This morning I was making the rounds on Freethough Blogs, and I found this on Black Skeptics.  I've been aware of Sikivu Hutchinson's work for a while, but this article by Diane Arellano really bought it home.

Next Wave Atheist Leaders and White Privilege

Hutchinson is program coordinator for Women's Leadership Project, which reaches out to young women of color to counteract the negative effects of racism, religion, and class- ism.

It's absolutely fascinating...when I wonder how much farther feminist progress can backslide, I see something like what Hutchinson is doing, and I'm encouraged :) Atheism, combined with social justice, can truly be a tool for positive change.  It's heartening to see atheist activism beyond the "traditional" boundaries.  Sometimes I wonder if feminism demands atheism.  Can you really remedy injustices done to women (or other races, LGBTQ folks, and so on) and still retain religion?

I might have said this before, so bear with: Faith itself seems anti-feminist when you look at it this way, as it's essentially a way to ignore or delay real problems and shut people up.  Mind you, that's all quite easy for me to say, given my own privilege-knapsack, but it's food for thought.

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Dominator Culture religions are anti-feminist, and those are the dominant forms today. There are or were Partnership Culture religions where women were revered. See Riane Eisler's The Chalice & the Blade




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