It is hard to believe this is real.

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I was thinking the same thing, but I noticed you mentioned it already Grinning Cat. I agree completely.

OK, I'm a bit of a geek. All I could think was correlation is not causation.


The sound of babis in the background was a nice touch, but unsettling. If I have the good sense not impose my radical (in 2003) anti Iraq war stance on my little brother, (I don't have kids) I would hope that these people would do the same for their kids. But alas, kids are dragged into this type of insanity for the express purpose of indoctrinating them.  I truly feel for these kids; the right to formulate your own ideas on something as fundamental and life altering as becoming a mother (or father) should be your own.


I apologize if that did not make sense, sometimes I type like English was not my first language...

That's awesome!  This is a great Montry Python bit.
Sadly it's all too believable.  Facts are of no importance when fighting to control women and their reproductive systems.


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