Conservatives Have….Issues, Part One Million

Amanda Marcotte exposes the real motive for conservative opposition to the Violence Against Women Act.

Molly Ball of the Atlantic decided to delve into why it is that Republicans have caved into conservative pressure groups who oppose the Violence Against Women Act. The reasons that conservatives gave her were, she had to admit, shallow and idiotic and, if she delved in deeper (the claim that VAWA is making domestic violence worse is simply not true), straight up dishonest, but she didn’t make the obvious leap and realize that perhaps conservatives oppose VAWA because they are misogynist, and that all the excuses they give are attempts to deflect people from seeing the obvious.

But in case you are still struggling to accept that straight-up misogyny might be driving the fight against VAWA, consider this: Talking Points Memo discovered the conservative super-PAC and advocacy group has been behind the push against VAWA.

In other words, the solution to domestic violence is to simply refuse to label a woman whose partner is beating her a “victim”. Got it. I’m curious if FreedomWorks is willing to expand this attitude towards other crimes. Mugged? Well, it’s disempowering and bad for you to call you a “victim”... so let’s just say you’re generous to people who wield guns and call it a day.

An internal investigation of FreedomWorks—the prominent conservative advocacy group and super-PAC—has focused on president Matt Kibbe’s management of the organization, his use of its resources ...

One potential topic for the inquiry is a promotional video produced last year...

... the management made a transphobic video about Hillary Clinton having sex with an animal, and—gosh, big surprise!—thought that the best people they could think of to act out this fucked-up sexual fantasy were two college girls at the bottom of the pecking order in their offices.

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I haven't followed the debate closely, but it seems right that the new stuff they wanted to add to the act are ridiculous. The act was designed to help weaker females from stronger males, extending the act to same sex invalidates the very purpose of the act.

We already have laws against violence in our society, the real problem is our police forces and justice system are not doing their job properly, and the physically weaker members of society lose out.

In a patriarchal society, females in marriages are subdued to their males, this is what the act needs to focus on, solely. Other forms of shacking up are not inherently domination relationships.  The whole point of a gay couple is supposed to be based on equality and perfect knowledge of each other, unless they fall in love with role playing instead of each other....

transphobic video about Hillary Clinton having sex with an animal

There's an additional component of the video that makes it transphobic?  I don't understand how a video insinuating Hillary Clinton and bestiality could also be transphobic.




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