One in Three Post-Partum Women Suffers PTSD Symptoms After Giving B...

...approximately one third of all post-partum women exhibit some symptoms of PTSD, and a smaller percentage develop full-blown PTSD following the ordeal of labor.

Of those women who developed post-traumatic symptoms, 80 percent opted for natural childbirth without pain relief. Other significant factors identified include the woman's body image (including discomfort with being in an undressed state for the relatively prolonged period of labor and undergoing elective Caesarean sections), fear during labor, and complications in the present and earlier pregnancies and labors.

..., one of the most influential factors was pain management during delivery. Of the women who experienced partial or full post-trauma symptoms, 80 percent had gone through a natural childbirth, without any form of pain relief. "The less pain relief there was, the higher the woman's chances of developing post-partum PTSD,"... during labor, in the form of a midwife or doula, had no impact when it came to avoiding post-traumatic symptoms. Factors such as socioeconomic and marital status, level of education, and religion also had no effect. [emphasis mine]

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I've heard about this - didn't know it was 1/3 of all women. Wow - that is high.

Best way to avoid PPD is to avoid pregnancy completely!

They're not talking about post partum depression but actual PTSD.

Symptoms included flashbacks of the labor, the avoidance of discussion of the event, physical reactions such as heart palpitations during such discussions, and a reluctance to consider having another child.

Perhaps you've never experienced such flashbacks, heart palpitations while talking about your labor, etc. but apparently some mothers do. Since motherhood is so glorified, women having such symptoms might be reluctant to voluntarily discuss them their friends, and focus instead on the many positive aspects.




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