Young men unable to find wives are called bare branches in China.

OPINION: China's biggest problem? Too many men

... in recent decades, the spread of cheap ultrasound (enabling sex-determination in early-mid pregnancy) and easy access to abortion courtesy of the government's one-child policy, has led to the widespread abortion of female fetuses.

As a result, approximately 30 million more men than women will reach adulthood and enter China's mating market by 2020.

Young men with poor prospects of ever starting a family spell danger to themselves and to their societies.

... when the number of men who will never find a mate rises, so does the intensity of the striving. Young men discount their futures and take ridiculous risks in order to improve their prospects. They also become more violent, rising more readily to perceived slights and insults, and starting more fights -- often over trivial issues. These are the triggers for most man-on-man assaults and homicides.

Throughout history, a surplus of young men often heralded violence. The American frontier earned its "Wild West" reputation for lawlessness because its towns overflowed with men, yet marriageable women were vanishingly rare. In The Chivalrous Society, historian Georges Duby argued that European expansionism, from the Crusades to colonialism, was fueled by a surplus of ambitious and aggressive young men with otherwise poor reproductive prospects.

The economist Lena Edlund estimates that every one percent increase in the sex ratio results in a six percent increase in the rates of violent and property crime.

... China needs creative large-scale solutions to the problems that unprecedented cohorts of bare branches will cause as they come of age over the next two decades. Those millions of disaffected young men will not only present a danger to themselves, but those living alongside them.


The article mentions that South Korea eliminated sex-biased abortion and neglect. Women, it turn out, are valuable after all. Countries who don't get that are creating their own trouble.

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Yeah, but what do you do to eliminate the social stigma that goes with raising a daughter?  There's the whole concept that your daughter essentially leaves your family and becomes part of her husband's family, or something to that effect.  If you can't eliminate that sort of thing from the social consciousness, what can you do?

The perfect antidote to that is, as with several other topics discussed here, a general garbaging of the concept of marriage and reproduction. If everyone just had more free sex, and if taxpayers no longer had to subsise people's breeding effort through subsidised marriage via favourable government policies, this would pretty much go away. Overall, the stronger correlate is less sex = more violence, not less marriage. But society is attached to it's delusions, whether they be marriage or religion, same shit, over and over again.


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