The following video, courtesy of The Young Turks, says a LOT:

I watch this and shake my head. Are male (and doubtless Republican) members of this governing body so uptight that they can't deal with a woman asserting herself and her reproductive rights and have to react as those in Michigan did? I would have expected such a reaction 50, perhaps 60 years ago, but NOW?

About all I can deduce here is that there is indeed a War on Women going on in this country, on their right to speak freely and to represent themselves and their constituents ... and that this is happening at all is, to put it at its mildest, disconcerting.

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LOL No does mean no, and she had every right to say that! What happened to freedom of speech? This is totally war on women. Thanks for posting this, Loren.

I have this mental picture of some barely pubescent boys saying something to the effect of, "Oooo, she said, 'va-GIN-a!'" and giggling immaturely.  Yet those who censured her are supposed to be mature men of the 21st century.

I'm sitting here, shaking my head in near-disbelief ... because otherwise I would want to bitch-slap those idiots into the next county!

There's been a "war on women" going on ever since the Egyptians invented the social organisation we have come to call patriarchy.

I LOVE it!  This or something like this should happen EVERY TIME someone attempts to curtail rights or silence those who advocate those rights.  The blow-back should knock the bastards off their feet at minimum and make them think twice about such actions in the future.

Thank you much for posting that, Susan!

What term was she supposed to use? Vagina is the correct, proper term, just as penis is. Nothing lewd, sexual in it. But these cretins could probably make pinnae (ear) dirty, or lewd in their minds. As Bugs would say, "What a maroon".

But unfortunately, this will resonate with the voters these cocky, preening, swaggering, tin-plated demagogues pander to.

I might consider consulting a lawyer, if I was her. Straight out sexism.

A little news coverage doesn't hurt, either:




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