Kavanaugh Hearings Showcase GOP’s White Male Persecution Complex

Jennifer Pozner brought clarity, for me, about Republican behavior over Kavanaugh.

By the time they successfully voted to advance Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Senate floor, the Republicans had cemented themselves as the saviors of aggrieved white male wrongdoers. With all the truculent outrage they could muster, one after another Republican dinosaur sent a clear message to every current and future female sexual assault survivor: Victims should shut up because even if they’re believed, their perpetrators will be prioritized, praised and promoted anyway, because men deserve power while women and girls deserve pain.

 In an Economist/YouGov poll released the day of the hearing, 55 percent of Republicans said Kavanaugh shouldn’t be disqualified even if he was proven to have attempted to rape Dr. Blasey Ford, and 18 percent were unsure. A mere 27 percent would have a problem with a rapist Supreme Court justice.

…  they’re banking on the hope that this blatant show of male dominance and women’s humiliation will be enough to woo back some of those 62 percent of angry white male Trump voters who feel buyer’s remorse after his tax, tariff and health care policies, but still get fired up whenever anyone talks about sticking it to “feminazi bitches.”

Grassley and his withering cadre of bigots and bullies are clear about codifying their core-value hatred of women (along with their racism and homophobia) into public policy for decades to come, a bulwark against changing cultural mores to guarantee that time will never be up for rapists and sexual harassers. 

Since the 1970s, the GOP — including some of the older Republicans on the Judiciary Committee — have been backed by right wing donors, philanthropic foundations, think tanks, activists and conservative media, who have worked in tandem to fund and promote efforts to frame feminism as an unnatural, dangerous project that must be defeated. 

Under Trump’s GOP, Violence Against Women Is a Feature, Not a Bug [yellow emphasis mine]

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Only 27% of Republicans in the poll would have a problem with a rapist on the Supreme Court!

I wonder how those bullies would react to a "Lysistrata" world where violence against a woman would somehow magically guarantee that the man never gets sex again. (Ruth mentioned a fantasy world where attempting rape automatically neuters a man.) Nice to dream of a world where genetic contributors to those traits are not passed along to any offspring...

Years ago I read a short story with a humanoid people, very similar to us, except that a female's enthusiastic consent released pheromones which were necessary to stimulate the male's sexual response. Direct rape was impossible among them, and not even conceived of. (Until they made contact with humans, and a human male raped an alien female.)

(And I'm again thinking that the "Like" button is horribly misnamed in this context.)

by Kevin Kallaugher

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The hell of it is, you can put Dr. Blasey Ford's accusations completely aside and Kavanaugh is STILL the wrong choice for the Court.  I mean, this is the man who:

  • Tried to deny a pregnant undocumented immigrant access to abortion
  • Claims that Roe v Wade may not be stare decisis
  • Has opined that a sitting president should not be subject to indictment
  • Demonstrated an utter lack of judicial demeanor during the extended confirmation hearings

All the above may endear him to the Republican party, but NOT to the great majority of the American public.  Indeed, on the first point, he was acting in contravention to current US law.  The GOP may have gone a bridge too far on this one, because there are a lot of women out there who will remember this particular appointment, and will have no forgiveness for those who put that appointee there.




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