This finding about the effects of no fault divorce says so much about how laws can encourage or discourage the worst in men. Even without assault on women being specifically institutionalized, laws have an enormous impact.

A 2004 study by Stanford Business School discovered fascinating facts about how no-fault divorce impacted women:

  • 20% reduction in female suicide after 20 years (none for men)
  • 33% reduction in domestic violence against women (after a rise in other states vs. a drop in no-fault states)
  • Decline in the domestic murder rate for women (none for men)

Researchers concluded a key driver of these trends was that men were encouraged to behave better because they knew it would be easy for their spouses to divorce. [emphasis mine]

The Real Causes of Divorce -- America Has to Stop Blaming It on Women

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There's a problem with divorce being blamed on women?  In almost all of the breakups and divorces I know of, amongst my friends, it was almost always the guy's fault, acknowledged by pretty much everyone.  Amy was a bit of a headcase, but she was special.

I didn't know these statistics - thank you Ruth.


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