When a Doctor Wields a Bible: The Alarming Rise of Catholic Hospitals

Catholic hospitals treat women as baby vessels first and foremost, which prevents doctors working in them from offering modern medicine to women. An ectopic pregnancy trumps the value of your life, an anencephalic fetus (no head) trumps the value of your life.

Religious healthcare corporations are absorbing secular hospitals and in the process imposing their morality on women's bodies.

Across the U.S., religious healthcare corporations  are absorbing once secular and independent hospitals and in the process imposing religious restrictions that pit standard medical practice against theology

Christianity traditionally has regarded  women as vessels—vessels for evil, and for babies.

As a consequence, Catholic rules addressing reproduction are particularly convoluted, and sometimes patients pay the price...

... Marge Berer, founder of the international journal, Reproductive Health Matters, questioned the ability of Catholic-controlled facilities to provide emergency obstetric services and asked whether they should be formally stripped of their right to provide maternity care more broadly. Unfortunately, with Catholic corporations gobbling up independent care facilities, a woman may have few other options.

When bishop directives trump science and patient preference, pregnant women are not the only ones at risk. According to a litany of articles at two watchdog sites, CatholicWatch.org and Mergerwatch.org, the problem of religious interference in health decisions extends far beyond obstetrics and family planning, spanning end of life care, treatment of queer families, and any drugs remotely derived from embryonic stem cell research. As medical science offers us more and more ability to manage sexuality, reproduction, body modification, and our dying process, religious directives will be increasingly at odds with secular standards of care. Doctors working under these directives will be forced to offer treatments that, by contrast with the best available, can be classed only as malpractice. [emphasis mine]

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I read crap like the above and am very glad that I live in Cleveland, home of the Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals, both emphatically SECULAR institutions!

Good for you. I'm surrounded by religious hospitals.

I know that my local hospital is one of few around here that provides abortions. I know this because people protest it.

Not at all jealous.....

Is there some way we can get accreditation groups to not give a free pass to religious vetoes on what should be a universal standard of care?

That sounds like a good idea to me.

This post reminds me of something I saw on CBS Sunday Morning a couple years ago, regarding a pregnant woman with an nonviable fetus, a nun who was more about saving the woman's life and a bishop who was more about his dogma than he was about life of any sort.

Please give a look here if you want to know more.  Ruth, I think this would be of particular interest to you, considering this post.




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