Impressive Conservative Atheist Women that US atheist organizations continue to ignore

There are a number of conservative atheist women with serious clout, but most atheists are unaware of them. Read more here.

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I suspect that a lot of the problem is that the Republican party is currently pushing for theocracy, under the control of the most extreme, fundamentalist elements within American Christianity.  If a given conservative atheist is a proponent of the Republican party ... then yeah, we have an issue, and she won't get invited to many atheist conferences.

Also, on the subject of this group, I suspect that most of those speakers will be very anti-feminist.  I don't care if misogyny is coming out of the mouth of a man or woman.  Fox News and other conservative outlets pull that kind of shit all the time, holding up misogynistic women as representative of true feminism.

I do not think it has much to do with the Republican Party itself. Many atheist organizations want atheists that fit into a neat little box that fits their political expectations. Conservative does not equal Republican. A few of the women on the list do not associate themselves with the GOP.

I am somewhat curious, though.  Which flavor of conservatism are we speaking of, here?  The economic, "Let the free market sort everything out," variety or the anti-feminist, anti-gay rights, anti-minority variety?  Or both?

That might help clarify the issue.

Every conservative is different. You have to read about them individually.




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