Brutal gang rape sparks anger in India

It seems even a male companion isn't enough to protect a woman on a public bus in India.

Police in New Delhi have used water cannon to disperse crowds of people protesting about the gang rape of a young woman on a city bus over the weekend.

The 23-year-old medical student has been left fighting for her life after the attack, in which she was gang-raped by at least four men, brutally bashed, and then thrown out of the bus while it was still moving.

The driver of the bus and three other men have been arrested.

The rape has sparked widespread anger in India, with protests in New Delhi and other major cities including Mumbai, Kolkata and Ahmedabad.

Police used water cannon on one group of demonstrators as they tried to tear down steel barricades outside the official residence of Delhi's chief minister Sheila Dikshit.

Before the violence broke out, protesters carrying banners chanted: "We want equal rights for women."

The rape took place over a period of more than 40 minutes on Sunday in a bus which had stopped to pick up the woman and her male companion, who had spent the evening at a cinema.

"They began molesting the girl and her companion bravely fought back trying to save her but these men attacked him with an iron rod," police commissioner Neeraj Kumar said.

"The victim was dragged to the rear of the bus and brutally beaten and raped."

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Thanks for sharing the petition. I've signed.

Ruth! its one horrible incident that came to light. Real problem in our societies is much greater and unfortunatly not raised even by the feminist organisations. Millions of women suffer and no one is ready to acknolwedge it.

Realigious and social laws are heavily in favour of male in our parts of the world. Male is the owner of the property. This proves fatal for already economically dependent female. It provides male God like powers over women. They treat them as they wish in their homes in everyday life. Women usually have no power of decision in domestic affairs. If not every women, 9 out of 10 face domestic violence once in their life.

Their is no surprise for me in their behaviour for an unknown women, who don't behave well with their own wives, daughters and sisters in everyday life.

It is a false accusation when you say feminists aren't doing anything. And it's a cheap attack coming from a male.

In North America feminist organisations are still fighting for the 9/10 females who die at the hands of their loved ones.

Certainly the feminists of India have their work cut out for them with attacks such as yours. The problem with India, officially the fourth worst country in the world for females, is that the feminist movement there has been forced to split up into little "culturally sensitive" factions, to accommodate the various patriarchal structures in each tribe and cast of society. Patriarchy is so deeply ingrained in India that feminist groups are barely able to have objectives higher than such beginner steps in the fight against patriarchy as equal pay for equal work. But that equalism, not feminism. Any group can claim the right for equality treatment. The essence of feminism is not equalism, it's the fight against patriarchy and patriarchal morals on society.

India is an extremely religious and patriarchal country, and until feminists there gain enough ground to start fighting the entire stratification of society instead of just fighting for equal pay, their fight isn't going to get far.

That little petition in this page will accomplish absolutely nothing. It's at 100K emails (emails are worth even less than signatures) and they're aiming for a measly 1M of international emails. With India's population at over 1.2 billion, it would need a third to a half of its female population, 200-300 MILLION Indian females to stand up and fight patriarchal rule and stupidity. And as you can see, they are nowhere near that. Too few females in India are willing to fight patriachy, they are much too engrained in their various religious morals.

Percentages are important. The demstrations against the patriarchal government have been pitiful, in the thousands only. As a comparison, take the Quebec student demonstrations last year,  for three months, there were up to 200,000 people filling the streets, that's out of a Quebec population of 8 M. ...math: .2M/8M=2.5% of the total population, but more relevant .2M of Montreal's 3M population, which means 7% of that city's population, let alone of the student population!

Females in India need to get fired up, they need to disavow their multiple patriarchal cultural heritages and fight, until I see 5% of the Indian population fighting, I will know there is no hope.  That means we need to see 60 MILLION outraged.Indians. A few thousand... pfiit, useless.

All we can do from the outside is to give example, and encourage the females of India to be fuckin outraged at the males who rule over them, not just in politics, school, and work, but at home.

We've got a long way to go baby! Let's see 50 MILLION angry Indians in the streets. Then we'll know India has the potential for change.

It is a false accusation when you say feminists aren't doing anything. And it's a cheap attack coming from a male.

TNT! Its nice to see such an emotional feminist and more to find a person who understand the real problem. You took me wrong for a thing or two. Alone in the sea of male dominance, I try to fight for the cause of women rights in what ever capacity I can do. You don't know how painful it is when opposition comes from the people you are fighting for.

My point of view was that if suffering of one women shakes us in such a way, why we forget about sufferings of millions and that too on daily bases. You are right, we can't shake off male dominance easily because of so many factors supporting it but at least we can make people concious of the problem by raising the issue. Currently most of society don't consider it a problem. Most people, sadly including women takes this male dominance as normal.

IMHO, males such as yourself should focus on lecturing to other males rather than females and/or feminists. To have the perpetrator sex lecture victims is simply inefficient.

So may I kindly suggest you seriously investigate the males around you, within your reach, for anti-female activity/attitude, and work on those males, and also on your government.

And please don't be polite or gentle when you find those asswholes. Denouce them, shame them, out them. Then offer your unconditional support/safety to the female who has suffered at their hands.

When you said

Too few females in India are willing to fight patriachy,...

Females in India need to get fired up, they need to disavow their multiple patriarchal cultural heritages and fight,...

All we can do from the outside is to give example, and encourage the females of India to be fuckin outraged at the males who rule over them,...

this is how I saw it.

What about outside males expressing their disgust directly to Indian men?

My expectations regarding people born with a penis are rather low. People with power never voluntarily give up their power, it can only be withdrawn from them after dear fights.

Yes there is significant number of males who consider themselves feminist allies, but they're really allies or equalism, as long as it doesn't substantially change their world view. Males who truly support female emancipation that would involve an overhaul of our civilisation are practically non existent.

That picture does hurt. But remembering a vast majority of rape occurs IN THE HOME, where females are not putting up a fight is the point of interest here, because it would involve fighting a loved one, and females are taught NOT to fight with loved ones, specially males. That is something even relatively emancipated N.American females are barely doing. On this matter, female-only safe houses/places/groups are extremely important, so that females can come out of their oppressed silence and learn to speak up from their peers, and learn confidence, and self appreciation.

Well I'm lucky to have two such practically nonexistent males in my family. The polyamory/bisexual community may have a higher percentage of nice guys who have no ego investment in oppression of women.

Yes, certainly safe houses would help. But I think outside pressure from men, shaming Indian men for their attitudes on the world stage would help.

Southern white men used to use the excuse that they were protecting their women for their racist assaults and hangings. White women organized signature petitions and took out ads in Southern newspapers telling those men that they didn't need that kind of protection and didn't respect it. That particular racist justification went away. The campaign helped a bit in transforming the South.

If non-Indian men had petitions and took out ads in Indian papers, did interviews on TV, blogs and radio, etc. telling the men how disgusting their rape culture was, how other men worldwide were ashamed of them, it could help.

Indian men would be more likely to respect those opinions than they would the opinions of Indian women.

It would give guys who find such behavior despicable a way to say "that's NOT something of which I approve".

Western men don't even speak out against Western raping males, so I'm not holding out hope that they'd speak up against males in other countries... and if they did, it would be hypocritical. Lecturing other citizens of other countries when the same shit happens in our own countries is not a pleasant idea to me.

But most definitely, getting males lecturing other males is a priority over males lecturing females.

Were I a man I'd want to publicly proclaim, "Rape and sexual harassment are not manhood. In my eyes you lose the respect of being a man when you do that. I see that behavior as monstrous, as animalistic, NOT as manly. Any male who teaches his son such behavior, or condones it, or looks the other way without speaking out isn't just betraying the women in his life, he's betraying the males too. He loses the name "man", when he does those things. Men treat women and girls with respect, they don't attack them."

Of course you're right about location. This message must be global, proclaimed here as loudly as elsewhere.

We need a new name, instead of "man" to designate males who behave in this monstrous way. Any suggestions?




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