Brutal gang rape sparks anger in India

It seems even a male companion isn't enough to protect a woman on a public bus in India.

Police in New Delhi have used water cannon to disperse crowds of people protesting about the gang rape of a young woman on a city bus over the weekend.

The 23-year-old medical student has been left fighting for her life after the attack, in which she was gang-raped by at least four men, brutally bashed, and then thrown out of the bus while it was still moving.

The driver of the bus and three other men have been arrested.

The rape has sparked widespread anger in India, with protests in New Delhi and other major cities including Mumbai, Kolkata and Ahmedabad.

Police used water cannon on one group of demonstrators as they tried to tear down steel barricades outside the official residence of Delhi's chief minister Sheila Dikshit.

Before the violence broke out, protesters carrying banners chanted: "We want equal rights for women."

The rape took place over a period of more than 40 minutes on Sunday in a bus which had stopped to pick up the woman and her male companion, who had spent the evening at a cinema.

"They began molesting the girl and her companion bravely fought back trying to save her but these men attacked him with an iron rod," police commissioner Neeraj Kumar said.

"The victim was dragged to the rear of the bus and brutally beaten and raped."

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Since they claim not to be able to control their behavior, perhaps "ball-brained".

A new name for perpetrators of such monstrous behavior, a name that strips away the respect we connote with "manhood" and "manly", would be a powerful part of that necessary message!

I don't know what to suggest. "Male"?...

It's telling that there's plenty of slang that expresses disdain and contempt for a woman's being a woman, but no similar putdowns for men. As if "boys will be boys" and males can do no wrong. (Yeah right!)

Not a new name, but a yell from a demonstration long ago comes to mind: Take the toys away from the boys! You can use a knife. 

I was shocked to read this account of how horribly women are treated in Deli. Such information hasn't been widely shared in the US.

The Subjugation Capital

I agree that property rights are a critical foundation for this unendurable evil. But don't put the burden on Indian woman to rise up in anger. The men are festering with this disgusting disease, and need to look in the mirror.

That's where our personal views differ. I don't see most "social rights" of citizens as inherent, it's all a social construct. In this philosophy, I never expect my enemy to give me gifts, I expect to have to fight for them. It's not dissimilar to how the education is evolving, there is hardly any homework any more, as homework is now considered discriminatory against busy parents. Well fuck that, if a parent does not have time to help kids with homework, they should NOT have become parents. There is a saying in education... I can't teach you things... but it's up to you to learn them.

This attitude probably comes from the fact that I was raised religion free, I've never expected gifts, but I do expect rational thinking, and will fight any male who thinks his rights take priority over mine :)

I always want people to assume as much personal responsibility as possible in the fight to change a systematically unequal system.

The tide of public opinion is turning in India!

Indian Politician Accused of Rape Is Stripped and Publicly Beaten

... a politician in northeast India accused of rape was stripped and beaten by a crowd of women.

Local television stations released a  video of a group of women tearing off Mr. Brahma’s shirt and hitting him on the face and stomach.

He wasn't beaten, he received a couple of slaps!
Typical of patriarchal media Grrrrrrrrrr

Females have been slapping stupid males in the face for generations, that's not a turn in tides :(

Point taken. But I think it's new in India for a public video of a politician being slapped, and thus humiliated, for rape. But yeah, just a baby step.

I sad to hear that she died from her injuries. It says in the article that every 20 minutes a woman is raped in India.

Some additional details about the original assault.

Age of Kali – Rape

Another woman has been gang raped by six men on  public bus in India, but this time they didn't kill her.

India Police Arrest 6 in Another Gang Rape Case

A third gang rape/murder, this time a train passenger. A woman who had been prevented from getting off of the train at her stop, by overcrowding, jumped off before the next stop when the train slowed down. She was gang raped and hung.

Passenger gang-raped, killed, hanged from a tree




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