Hunger to be seen as more powerless, inexperienced, incompetent, cold, and immoral? Just wear heavy makeup.To men and women you'll appear to be an object, like a chair, instead of a human being.

New study finds women wearing heavy makeup are viewed as having les...

The researchers found that women with heavy makeup were rated by both male and female participants as having less humanness, agency, experience, competence, warmth, and morality compared to women without makeup. Faces with makeup were also rated as more sexualized than faces without makeup.

Surprisingly, the researchers did not find evidence that ratings of sexualization were related to dehumanization, which indicates that “sexualization was not the mechanism underlying the dehumanization of faces with makeup,” the researchers explained.

 In the light of recent research, it might be that faces with heavy makeup are perceived as possessing less human-like traits because they are visually processed in a way that resembles how most objects are processed...

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A comforting thought for me, Ruth. I could never wear makeup because of allergies and extremely sensitive skin, and I often felt bad about it.

In my circles women wearing no makeup (or occasionally light makeup) are the norm.

I'm sure cosmetics companies are rushing to trumpet these results... not!

I've never been attracted to women wearing makeup and heavy makeup makes me want to puke.

Those women that cover every imperfection look like china dolls.  I've never been attracted to china dolls.  I've never wanted to have a conversation with a china doll.

Those women that put large amounts of blackness on their eyelashes look like they've got tarantulas on their eyes.  I look at them and want to say "Yikes!"

I respond that way, too, Spud! I told my granddaughters I would show up one day with red hair, or have the mortician color my hair red after I die and that would be the last memory of me they would have. 

On second thought, my white hair suits me just fine.




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