Iraq Has Legalized Raping Young Girls — Will Obama Speak Up Against...

Want to force a nine year old girl to "marry" you and have sex, and then "divorce" her on your word alone? Come to sunny Iraq. This could be the beginning of a lucrative pedophile tourist industry.

On Tuesday, April 8, Prime Minister Nouri Al Maliki's Shiite-led Iraqi Government placed before his Parliament a bill, strongly supported by Iraqi men, and approved by the governing coalition of Shiites and Sunnis, which will allow men to rape girls even in forced marriages (Iraqi law already allows forced marriages),...

Currently, only females above the age of 18 are permitted to marry (or, it might be more accurate to say, to be married), under Iraqi law. This new law will enable even nine-year-olds to be sold off into "marriage."

The new bill, called the Jaafari Law, was described the following way by Hannah Strange, the Assistant Foreign Editor of Britain's Telegraph:

"The Jaafari law, doesn't mention exactly from what age children would be able to wed but it does contain provisions for divorce for girls as young as nine, so we can do the maths on that one. It also effectively endorses marital rape by forcing women to submit to the sexual demands of their husbands and ensures that any wife entering into a divorce — whether of her own will or not — is punished with the loss of her children, by automatically granting the father custody of any offspring over the age of two." Ms. Strange goes on to say, "That this law is even being considered — and it is most likely to go ahead, given its hearty endorsement by the Iraqi cabinet — makes me want to rip my own skin off." [emphasis mine]

Meanwhile, Iraq has established itself as the premier national pervert pedophilia role model. image source

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Shit.  And all this because Mohammed did it, therefore it's perfectly fine for US to do it.  How Genuinely Fucked Up ARE These Assholes???

Oh! This makes me sick. What chance does any child have when exploited as they are? They aren't old enough to even question if they are being violated. We must not tolerate intolerable laws! How does one even begin to stand up for little girls, against national pride, religious fervor, and arrogant bullies?

Well, we will just have to put our heads together and figure out something to protect girls and boys from perverts. 

Despite the article's title, Iraq hasn't legalized raping young girls.  This is a bill before their Parliament, not a law. 

Here's a more informative article on the Iraqi bill.   




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