A newly issued Alaska State Legislature report held some grim findings about women living in the Last Frontier: They earn less than men, were imprisoned at a higher rate during the past 10 years, and have a suicide rate that’s twice the national average, among other problems, including homelessness and a lack of health care.

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“Some of the numbers are shocking and disturbing. Sadly, some of them are what I expected,” noted Senator Lesil McGuire (R-Anchorage) in a press release about the report, which was completed by Alaska Legislative Research Services in December but only made public Tuesday at the senator’s request. “That’s why it is important for us to figure out what’s behind these numbers and come up with solutions which make Alaska better for our daughters and granddaughters.”

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Senator McGuire requested the Status of Women Report after reviewing a 2010 Alaska Victimization Survey, which interviewed nearly 1,000 women and found that 59 percent have experienced domestic abuse, sexual violence, or both.

“We were waiting until the timing was right to release the report,” McGuire’s legislative aide Amy Saltzman told Yahoo! Shine, explaining that the office had spent the start of 2013 mired in issues including the recently passed oil tax bill.

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Wait, they were imprisoned at a higher rather than men?  What the hell?  What's the explanation for that?  That seems like an insane reversal of the situation almost everywhere else, except perhaps Iran, since Islamic law comes down my heavily on women for any morality crimes.

I scanned through the Crime section of that PDF, and I couldn't find much in the way of confirmation for the claim made by the story.  Anyone else have more luck analyzing it?

The overall conclusion doesn't surprised me at all, though.  I've always heard people say that women should move to Alaska, because of the favorable gender ratio ... but considering that far more of the men are likely to be ultra-conservative, abusive assholes, I don't know if I would consider that a very good idea.  There has to be something about the local population that is driving women away in sufficient numbers to create that kind of disparity.




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