The 16-Year-Old Girl Whose Rape Went Viral Is Reclaiming Her Power

Jada will not be defined as a victim!

Last week, images of 16-year-old Jada’s rape went viral on social media, as her peers mocked her unconscious body with the hashtag #Jadapose — an act of cyberbullying that horrified Americans across the country. Since then, there’s been an outpouring of public support for Jada, who has taken control of the story and refused to let the online harassment silence her.

Jada, who points out there’s no point in hiding because everyone has already seen the images of her body online, has sacrificed her privacy in favor of telling her story. Over the past several days, Jada has made national media appearances on the View and MSNBC. And during an interview with MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow, Jada unveiled a new image and a new hashtag to drown out the materials related to her assault: #IAmJada, with her fist raised.

Since then, the hashtag has spread like wildfire. Thousands of people have tweeted in support of the teen under #IAmJada, as well as by using other hashtags like #JusticeForJada, #StandWithJada, and #Jadacounterpose. Even the original source of the online attacks against the teen, #Jadapose, has been overtaken by people standing in solidarity with Jada and pointing out that rape is never a joke.

For Jada, it’s making a real difference. “The whole hashtag #IAmJada is helping me get my name back,” she said...

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