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This Daily Kos article expresses the outrage so many of us feel.

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 Kavanaugh is emblematic of an entire partriarchal culture of privilege, unaccountability, marginalization, and abuse of demographic minorities, and structural and ideological misogyny. And the Republican Party supports him just as they support the man who appointed him. 

At least nineteen women have accused Donald Trump of sexual abuseNineteen. Were he the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, he would have been fired.

The #MeToo movement was partially inspired by Trump, ... and ... it has united millions of people of all genders finally to hold accountable even powerful, famous, wealthy, and seemingly culturally iconic men. 

Those who defend Trump, those who defend Kavanaugh, those who make excuses for despicable behavior can't fathom that sexual abuse no longer will be tolerated. That is why the Republicans dig in.

Because sexual abuse was supposed to be okay, ... Trump got away with it, so why shouldn't Kavanaugh? Why shouldn't all men who abuse women? 

Republicans say Kavanaugh's accusers are lying, even though it is the accusers who are asking for an FBI investigation, and it is the Republicans who are refusing one. As if liars normally ask to be investigated. [emphasis mine]

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I could tell you about the president of a country at the other side of the Atlantic....

You are the misogynist here. I'm a woman sharing my views, thank you!

I interpret Lauren's statement as "Just because they're women doesn't make me automatically trust them" rather than "Because they're women, I automatically distrust them." It can still come across as "women are untrustworthy". Lauren, do you have the same skepticism and caution about people of other genders, like men? Do the Republicans you ally yourself with?

Ruth's point is well taken and worth repeating: "In this culture, women's accusations are routinely dismissed and men's denials routinely taken at face value."

Over and over again we see specifically Republicans on the wrong side of this.

"Nineteen women accuse the Republican President of sexual assault. The nation shrugs." And a significant number of men don't just shrug, they cheer him on and wish they were the ones admitted to the privilege of impunity for the wealthy, flouting civilized norms and rules and laws without significant consequence.

"Had nineteen men accused Hillary Clinton", would that have ended her political career without so much as the shallow* investigation "Above the Law" Kavanaugh is getting?

* (I hope I'm wrong about the investigation being shallow, wrapped up quickly in order to allow Republicans to ram him in, ignoring the public's pleas to stop. We might know more in a couple of days.)

Sadly, GC, the FBI investigation, reported by CBS News today (Thursday, 4 October, 2018), WAS shallow, done in haste, and dealt neither with Dr. Ford or Judge Kavanaugh's direct testimony. The Senate Republicans will hear what they want to hear and disregard the rest, as Paul Simon wrote so many years ago, and WE will be saddled with their lack of judgment or consideration.

They've already made up their minds. The truncated study by a muzzled FBI has been kept closely guarded, with only one copy in a locked room. After the vote, both sides will make claims about what the FBI found or didn't find, where they looked and didn't look, whom they talked to and didn't talk to, yada yada yada ad nauseam, ad infinitum. Trump voters can continue to believe the entire process was a left wing political hit. Liberals can continue to protest. And Brett Kavanaugh will be part of SCOTUS for the next four decades or so. No transparency, no accountability.

I think you meant you don't trust women JUST because they're women.

Statistics here:

A review of research finds that the prevalence of false reporting is between 2 percent and 10 percent.

Research shows that rates of false reporting are frequently inflated, in part because of inconsistent definitions and protocols, or a weak understanding of sexual assault.

… , gaps in law enforcement training may inadvertently encourage identifying any of the following factors as indicators of a false report: delayed reporting, victim indifference to injuries, vagueness, or victim’s attempt to steer away from unsafe details, suspect description, or location of offense ... As a result, many reports are classified as “false.”

The majority of sexual assaults, an estimated 63 percent, are never reported to the police. [emphasis mine]

In short, if you're raped and report it, but have no evidence or you're vague on details, your report may very well be classified as if you'd made it all up.

Instead of thinking about the percentage of women being conniving versus men being lying rapists, focus on structural racism. For example, a male police officer taking a rape report might be well meaning, but he still may perceive the "hysterical" victim who is confused or vague as an attention seeker and write it up that way. Such reports will  later be used as statistics to attack other victims as probable liars. While the report takers and those interpreting those statistics might be well intentioned, the end result is distrust of women reporting sexual assault.

Just as racism doesn't have to be overt, so racist behaving people can imagine they aren't racists, hatred of women doesn't have to be intentional, malevolent, or conscious. It's built into patriarchy's language, expectations, assumptions and interpretations as well as such things as law and unequal pay.

A Department of Justice study from 2000 found that fewer than 5 percent of completed and attempted rapes of collegiate women are reported to police, and that figure drops for other forms of sexual violence.

This article also says that a male is more likely to have been sexually assaulted himself than to have a false accusation of sexual assault against him. Males Are More Likely To Suffer Sexual Assault Than To Be Falsely A...

A compilation of research at, an advocacy group for male survivors, suggests that at least 1 in 6 boys experience sexual abuse before age 18. The key caveat: The numbers are likely higher in reality because male victims are less likely to disclose their abuse than female victims.

Oh! Oh! You miss the point! Loren, you wrote, "GET MORE POINTS." How many points do you need? Two, 20, 200, 2,000 thousand years or more patriarchy? If we started the numbers game we don't have enough paper to make such a list. Should I start with my grandmothers, aunts, cousins, daughter, granddaughter. We all live/d under the boot of male domination. 

The Kavanaugh situation is only a metaphor for generations of women who speak calmly, reasonably, descriptively, compassionately about being raped, beaten, discounted, trivialized, demonized and our dear president sounded like my generation of men. 

Do women who scream, blame, criticize, use foul language make a difference? What are the choices for women?

Do nothing?





Ask for help?

Call the police?

File charges?

Get angry?



Run away?

Pour gasoline over the sleeping form of the abuser and set him on fire?

Loren, what would you do? What would you expect your wife to do if you behaved as badly as too many men?

We are not making a "blanket" statement about all men, we speak and describe the behavior that is hurtful and if that does not work, we ask for help, if that does not work we do aggressive, terrible things, Does running away work? NO! Because patriarchal thinking exists in the north and south and east and west. We can't escape it. 

We do what the Indians did at Wounded Knee and nothing changes. 

We do what Dr. Ford did and the president, and that disgusting McConnell, and the tRump followers gather around the victim, Kavanaugh. That is what it was like for me and generations of other women. 

Not all men are rapists or abusers. There are strong, masculine, delightful men and some of them have a hard time with the brutes. 

Women are called all kinds of name; some women are mean-spirited and with no honor in them. I stay away from that kind of behavior, male and female. 

No! We do not need more points! We have provided far more data points than we need to prove the obvious. What we need is a more intelligent, compassionate, demand for justice. 


Joan, any mathematician can tell you you need more than one point to plot a curve.  At least two are needed to define a straight line, and three or more for a complex curve.  Lauren was proposing ONE POINT, and while her datum may be valid, there are a thousand other points which speak against it.

Also stipulated: some metaphors only go so far when attempting to describe a phenomenon, but pointing to a single incident or person as indicative of the whole is no more honest or functional than trying to plot a curve with a single point.

I mentioned one person, yes, to showcase more specifically how some women can act - they are not always well-meaning. It is not a unique case. There are campaigns to draw attention to women lying in court to prevent the father from seeing children, and to boost child support. So this is something I keep in mind.

Additionally, Kavanaugh is a high class case receiving national coverage - it is not a run of the mill case. Is there something in it for the victims? It's no secret there is immense hatred for the GOP. Too bad the FBI didn't investigate Ford more.

Is there something in it for the victims? 

Dr. Blasey  Ford had to testify "at the same table" as Kavanaugh and relive a traumatic and harrowing incident in front of two dozen U.S. senators on national television. She and her family were forced out of their home by a barrage of death threats.

Ford, Deborah Ramirez and Julie Swetnick have had to endure being labeled “lying skanks,” “con artists,” “mixed up,” and unethically troubled “partisan hacks” by the President, senators, media and right-wing operatives. 

Do you usually recommend that when a woman comes forward with an allegation of sexual assault, the proper police response is to investigate her instead of investigating the allegation? Where is your empathy? 




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