The Republicans stand up for sexual predators because the Republica...

This Daily Kos article expresses the outrage so many of us feel.

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 Kavanaugh is emblematic of an entire partriarchal culture of privilege, unaccountability, marginalization, and abuse of demographic minorities, and structural and ideological misogyny. And the Republican Party supports him just as they support the man who appointed him. 

At least nineteen women have accused Donald Trump of sexual abuseNineteen. Were he the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, he would have been fired.

The #MeToo movement was partially inspired by Trump, ... and ... it has united millions of people of all genders finally to hold accountable even powerful, famous, wealthy, and seemingly culturally iconic men. 

Those who defend Trump, those who defend Kavanaugh, those who make excuses for despicable behavior can't fathom that sexual abuse no longer will be tolerated. That is why the Republicans dig in.

Because sexual abuse was supposed to be okay, ... Trump got away with it, so why shouldn't Kavanaugh? Why shouldn't all men who abuse women? 

Republicans say Kavanaugh's accusers are lying, even though it is the accusers who are asking for an FBI investigation, and it is the Republicans who are refusing one. As if liars normally ask to be investigated. [emphasis mine]

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In other words, you're willing to plot an entire curve based on ONE POINT.  Little Hint: GET MORE POINTS before you make that kind of blanket generalization.

As it happens, I have my own share of points to plot, and honestly, they occasionally make me embarrassed to be a man, for the behavior of my fellow males.  Do I believe women as a blanket practice?  Not necessarily, but when a woman stands before a Judiciary Committee and comports herself with relative calm, despite what had to be a colossal case of nerves, and lays out a story which clearly disturbs her, while her alleged adversary goes off on a juvenile rant and exudes about as much judicial demeanor as a petulant child with his hand caught in the cookie jar, it is plainly and simply no contest.

Agreed that one anecdote doesn't prove that women or men are generally trustworthy or not! And Ruth makes an excellent point about the cultural patterns, where men too often are let slide, "boys will be boys", while women are abused and ignored.

As for the woman who stood before the Judiciary Committee last week, she is even more credible because she mentioned the assault to her therapist several years ago, well before the prospect of a conservative right-wing administration nominating justices or judges, and she only went public when her story was about to be revealed in the press. She has nothing to gain by lying. The petulant, ranting man who's applying for a significant job promotion (and who showed himself as unqualified on multiple fronts, to anyone who doesn't put party above country) has everything to gain by lying.

I mentioned this specific experience to serve as a reminder of how women can act, since it seems the recent status quo is to present women as completely innocent and well-meaning. Women can be conniving. It is not anecdotal. I do not have statistics on hand, but it is common for women to abuse the legal system and for the court to generally side with them. I'm not saying to disregard claims, but I do not trust women outright because they are women.

I could tell you about the president of a country at the other side of the Atlantic....

> I do not trust women outright because they are women.

That's all we need to know. Maybe you should change the name of your group to Republican Atheist Misogynists.

You are the misogynist here. I'm a woman sharing my views, thank you!

Ah, the old "I know you are, but what am I?" defense. You must have your logic set to stun.

I interpret Lauren's statement as "Just because they're women doesn't make me automatically trust them" rather than "Because they're women, I automatically distrust them." It can still come across as "women are untrustworthy". Lauren, do you have the same skepticism and caution about people of other genders, like men? Do the Republicans you ally yourself with?

Ruth's point is well taken and worth repeating: "In this culture, women's accusations are routinely dismissed and men's denials routinely taken at face value."

Over and over again we see specifically Republicans on the wrong side of this.

"Nineteen women accuse the Republican President of sexual assault. The nation shrugs." And a significant number of men don't just shrug, they cheer him on and wish they were the ones admitted to the privilege of impunity for the wealthy, flouting civilized norms and rules and laws without significant consequence.

"Had nineteen men accused Hillary Clinton", would that have ended her political career without so much as the shallow* investigation "Above the Law" Kavanaugh is getting?

* (I hope I'm wrong about the investigation being shallow, wrapped up quickly in order to allow Republicans to ram him in, ignoring the public's pleas to stop. We might know more in a couple of days.)

Sadly, GC, the FBI investigation, reported by CBS News today (Thursday, 4 October, 2018), WAS shallow, done in haste, and dealt neither with Dr. Ford or Judge Kavanaugh's direct testimony. The Senate Republicans will hear what they want to hear and disregard the rest, as Paul Simon wrote so many years ago, and WE will be saddled with their lack of judgment or consideration.

They've already made up their minds. The truncated study by a muzzled FBI has been kept closely guarded, with only one copy in a locked room. After the vote, both sides will make claims about what the FBI found or didn't find, where they looked and didn't look, whom they talked to and didn't talk to, yada yada yada ad nauseam, ad infinitum. Trump voters can continue to believe the entire process was a left wing political hit. Liberals can continue to protest. And Brett Kavanaugh will be part of SCOTUS for the next four decades or so. No transparency, no accountability.

And a vindictive professional ratfucker will be making decisions that adversely affect a lot of people's lives for longer than some of us will be around. The world was fucked when the D's let them get away with the Garland abortion.

I think you meant you don't trust women JUST because they're women.




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