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There have been a couple times where I have joined Facebook non-partisan female political/atheist groups and was banned without notice upon revealing my conservative views. These groups did not have specific political angles like "Liberal Female Politics," they had general non-partisan angles like "Real Women Talking Politics." They also had no rules which means fair game in posting content.

I encourage administrators and leaders of any non-partisan female political group to be considerate of women with conservative views. If those views are not permitted then specify the political angle of the group in the name. The same can be said for atheist groups. This is ideal for the advancement of women collaborating together, rather than creating fractures in "feminism".

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Lauren, your statement, " considerate of women with conservative views" awakens an old discussion about what is expected of liberal, progressive people when faced with fundamentalisms of any kind. I agree that being civil with all those with different points of view, especially those with strong points of view, is not only necessary, it is beneficial to have broad spectrum ideas. There is also no reason to hesitate to make an argument rejecting conservatism and fundamentalism. 

To be hesitant when faced with conflict is no honor, nor is it reasonable. Oh! how I remember the mental assaults I received as I questioned the validity of christianity! I had to develop a tough skin and fortunately, I was able and willing to make such a change. Testifying at City Hall for protection against hate crimes against atheists required competence and confidence on my part. Seeing my name in Op-Ed pieces as a villain of humanity was just plain silly. It all goes back to the old Who is "The enemy of the people" question discussed by Henrik Ibsen so brilliantly in his play. 

I have no intention to insult you, Lauren, nor do I have any intention to hide my disagreement with you. We are both grown-ups and can discuss conflict in a responsible way. If you think it appropriate, we can form the liberal and conservative wings of the feminist/atheist group. Surely, this fragments the feminist and atheist groups, or we can ignore the fragments and just declare we are feminist/humanists and feminist/conservative atheists.  

It seems creating conservative and liberal groups is the way to go since groups titled "Real Women Talk Politics" and "Atheist Women" (non-partisan) will kick out anyone associated with the "R" word without question.

I am not proposing to create a conservative feminist group on Atheist Nexus. I was just giving insight to people who may be administrators of groups on other social platforms. Good to be aware :)




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