Israeli law bans ads featuring underweight models


In order to stop eating disorders from spreading in Israel, a new law will ban advertisers from featuring overly thin models and make companies disclose if digital tools were used to make the women and men seem skinnier than they actually are.

The law is the first attempt by a government to enforce a weight-influenced regulation on the fashion industry. While other countries have guidelines, they have shied away from actual legislation.

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Good grief!  Is a person THAT SKINNY supposed to even be attractive?  Never mind HEALTHY???  I wonder if they could mandate a minimum Body Mass Index for the models.

I highly suspect that's been photoshopped.

I certainly agree with any legislation that curtails any marketing falsehoods. Fashion and cosmetics (as L'Oreal in Brittain has gone through) are excellent places to start, but we need a lot more.

We live in an age of information, but most of it is MISinformation, it's a disgrace to human integrity.

I think it's disgusting that we glamorize voluntary emaciation when there are millions in developing countries dying of real starvation.  Does anyone beside the most bizarre fetishists find the skeletal look attractive?  

This week I was reading about gavage in Mauritania, where they force-feed young girls lots of milk and millet in order to fatten them up for marriage. Similarily, many parts of black Africa consider a fat woman better for marriage.

And it dawned on me, humans, because of religion and greed and pettiness, are so bloody stupid. It's not about skinny or fat at all!!!

It's about having the ability to show that you can beat your environment/your nature. It's about your power over nature. So in a world of sedentary overweight overfed people like in North America and Australia, to better one's environment one must be skinny. In societies where food is at a premium, to be fat is to better one's environment also.

That, in collaboration with having females as commodities that males purchase through marriage contracts.

The day humans throw away religiously originated standards and learn to live in tune with our natural environmental, things will be so much better. Mutilation of the human body in order to show that we're better than nature (food, F/M genital mutilation, foot binding, neck stretching, breast ironing)  is a relatively recent phenomenon, more or less since patriarchal social structures took over Homo sapiens. It's a pompousness related to the style of thinking which assumes we can do better in a few hundred years, than evolution has achieved in millions of years.

Modern humanity really pisses me off.

Me too

She looks gross!!




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