The Obvious Connection of Mass Shootings and Men Acting Out Rage Ag...

Domestic abusers "graduate" to mass murder in typical mass shooter cases.

Despite the mass murders of strangers that grab the most headlines, the grim reality is that one of the most common reasons that mass shooters go off is they are angry at losing control over a wife or girlfriend and decide to lash out violently. Less than two months ago, eight people were killed in a similar incident in Plano, Texas, when a man decided to take out his anger on his ex-wife and her friends at a party.

Research conducted by Everytown for Gun Safety found that 54 percent of mass shootings between 2009 and 2016 — defined as incidents in which four or more people besides the shooter are killed — involved the killing of a partner or at least one family member. 

the typical mass shooting case is one where a man attacks a group of people in order to hurt or kill a female partner over whom he wants to exert or maintain control. [emphasis mine]

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Every single day in this country, men are killing women — and often other people around those women — because they believe women owe them submission. These stories rarely make headlines, because domestic violence, while widely seen as unfortunate, is still understood as private and personal concern, not a political issue.

That attitude needs to change. Domestic violence is political because the ideology that drives it -- that men are superior to women and have the right to control and dominate them -- is political. It's an attitude that manifests itself regularly in our legislative and judicial politics. It's the attitude that drives the war on reproductive rights.

We don't treat domestic-violence murders the way we treat terrorism, but maybe we should. Abusers are terrorists in their own homes, lashing out violently against their partners and other family members periodically to keep them in their place. [emphasis mine]

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Another reason domestic violence is political is because a function of government is to, in the US founders' words, "establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility" and "promote the general Welfare". In addition to the connection to Dominator Culture attitudes of men towards women, terrorism against one or two or three people at a time is just as serious -- to them and to their loved ones, and it should be to us political "bystanders"! -- as is terrorism against larger groups.

One of those ancient Romans — Seneca? — said violence arises from powerlessness.

Domestic violence certainly arises from personal powerlessness but I’m not persuaded that it arises from political powerlessness. For this reason, and until a political remedy for it can be devised, I question the use of the word “terrorism” to describe domestic violence, even if massively used.

A political remedy would apply to all men, even to those who do not use domestic violence.




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