Most Mass Shootings Target Women and Families; Study Finds Men With...

In most shootings of four or more victims, women and families are the victims of men who owned guns legally.

Data suggests that a gun present in a domestic violence situation increases the risk of homicide for women by 500 percent.

A new analysis of 56 mass shootings across America since 2009 finds women and family members are the most frequent victims, and that the shooter almost always acquired his guns legally, in cases where the gun source is known.

“In at least 32 of the cases (57 percent), the shooter killed a current or former spouse or intimate partner or other family member, and at least eight of those shooters had a prior domestic violence charge,” the Mayors Against Illegal Guns report on mass shootings said, suggesting that the problem of gun violence is far more related to violence against women in homes than rampages in public settings such as schools and theaters.

... as we found with the domestic violence situations, there are 38 percent fewer killings of women in states that require background checks for every handgun sale.”

“Assault weapons or high-capacity magazines were used in at least 13 of the incidents (32 percent),” the report said. “These incidents resulted in an average of 14.8 total people shot... and 8.0 deaths.”

The most striking feature of the MAIG report were the descriptions of domestic violence—in all but two cases by men—who were targeting women: new wives, ex-wives, girlfriends, mothers, and then others in close family circles. It that found 32 of the 56 mass shootings (56 percent) "took place wholly in private residences." Less than one-quarter "took place entirely in public spaces."

... the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2008 Heller ruling expanded the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment to include the right to keep a handgun at home for self-defense. “More than half of the women murdered with guns in the U.S. were killed by intimate partners or family members. It’s 64 percent,” ...  [emphasis mine]

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only if we're pushed to irrationality hey !

he he

I dunno, you should see how some of these girls react when you double-cross them in Diplomacy.  I keep my swords in the other room, when someone pulls that particular game off the shelf.

There is a popular saying among battered women, "Men don't behave violently in the presence of the Queen of England, or when a cop is near, but close our doors, we suffer beatings, put-downs, discounts, trivializations and demonization".

It becomes the responsibility of a woman to end the relationship if she wants to be free of physical and emotional abuse.

Marriages, families, work environments, military, professional circles, and any place women and children are emotionally or physically abused, and if others in the family, work environment, military, and professional circles do not challenge the assaults, or remains silent in face of such behaviors, then the weak one becomes a victim. If the victim speaks up, he or she pays a heavy price for resisting.

Men and women and children need to learn to stand up for themselves, even if they do not have support from loved ones, strangers, or any other factor of society. Sometimes the price is too high. The cost of being obedient and subservient must be weighted against the price of demanding respect.




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