Wendy Molyneux says it like it is in The Four Donald Trumps You Meet on Earth.

Donald Trump has said repugnant, insulting things about women—over and over and over again—for as long as he’s been in the public eye. He has called various women crazy, flat-chested, pigs. He refers to them as “pieces of ass.”

“Women,” he told New York magazine in 1992. “You have to treat them like shit.”

Trump’s misogyny is shocking because it’s so brazen, but it’s infuriating because it’s so familiar.

The first time you meet Donald Trump, he’s an older male relative... You’re 9 years old. ..., he explains to you that black people are dangerous.

The next time you meet Donald Trump you’re in high school. He’s the first person who looks at you a certain way that will happen again and again for the rest of your life, as if he simultaneously can’t see you and would like to kill you. He ... enjoys saying “whore” to a roomful of children. A few years later, he gets fired for having sex with a student.

The next time you meet Donald Trump,...he’s your boss’s boss. A vice president in marketing who seemingly literally cannot stop talking. He’s on his third wife,... Sometimes during meetings he’ll turn away and open a magazine while someone is presenting. One time he comes to a halt in the middle of his own sentence to stare at a woman’s boobs... a truly aggressive boob-stare. When he finally gets fired years later, his HR file as fat as a pig knuckle, the rumor is he’s caught stealing his own office furniture on the weekend.

But then, it starts happening. The actual Trump—the real Donald Trump—...There he is, all the worst people you ever had to meet, and tolerate, and fight, or at least ignore.

And it makes you deranged, like almost actually deranged.

It makes you insane to look at him, to see that look on his face.... When he talks about black people, or Mexicans, like he simultaneously can’t see them and wants to kill them.

All those other Trumps are dead, or fired, or pleaded no contest to the charge of sex with a minor, or all of the above. Because they are disasters.

“There’s no one like him,” people say, “He’s unprecedented.” Maybe so, but I swear I’ve been dealing with this douchebag all my life, and let me tell you something: It doesn’t end well for him.

Because black people aren’t dangerous, and because their lives matter; because not every woman is a prostitute; and honestly because that furniture just isn’t yours, dude. [emphasis mine]

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A complementary piece by tonyhellerexposed: Climate Deniers Like Me Are Assholes

We are all familiar with assholes. Driven by their own fears and insecurity, assholes posture themselves to look superior to others. By tearing others down, assholes attempt to build themselves up.

... as people like Donald Trump and climate-change deniers like me demonstrate,a new super strain of asshole is in ascendancy. Today’s media environment provides a stage for us to mainline our juvenile stupidity and veno... to our audience and bypass existing societal defenses that used to thwart us. It’s now possible for assholes like me to take big, fat, public shits on others and their work with our own bullshit to sate our badly dysfunctional egos. Not only that, we are rewarded for our anti-social behavior with lots of attention and adulation from other idiots and assholes. They, in turn, mimic our behavior. As a result, our culture thrives and spreads like a cancer.

We can be polite, gracious and even self-effacing to the other assholes that agree with us but we behave like assholes toward just about everybody else if we can get away with it. That’s how we build community and solidarity with each other. The biggest assholes love other assholes like us who take their side of an argument even if our ideas have no basis in reality. Because it’s not our logical thought they embrace; they like us because we are assholes, just like them. [emphasis mine]

I feel that deranged reaction to Trump too. Hence, I stoop to posting name calling. That the polls are said to be even fuels my insanity. Because the GOP will try to steal this election, so even being close is dangerous. So dangerous.

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All things considered, there is nothing that Drumpf needs more than to be publicly and properly spanked by a woman, and I can think of few women better prepared or equipped to tackle such a task than Hillary Rodham Clinton (although Elizabeth Warren also comes to mind!).

I've abandoned watching the debate because the first 20 minutes made clear to me that Drumpf cannot be bothered to acknowledge the world that most of us live in, but everything I've seen from Clinton tells me that she's prepared to counter-punch most anything which dear Donnie has to say.

I'll read about it in the morning.




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