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I saw a horrifying commercial for one of these things and knew it must mean the death throes for TV.  This is what my hubs and I call "Season 4-itis."  Many shows start pulling out the T&A because they are failing, most often in Season 4.  Using women as sex object commodities is what the desperate do when they've lost their ability to write anything of quality.  It is sickening isn't it?

I haven't even read your linked article yet, but it's what I think of this predictable move.  Lots of people are ditching TV these days.  As an industry it is in Season 4, and it's in fear that it will be cancelled.  Funny thing is?  The sex-doll strategy doesn't actually *work*. :)  TV has jumped the shark.

Ruth, I read that article. I liked this statement:
"Retro is an addiction that rages out of control in a recession; the more we drink it in — the more times we remake “Charlie’s Angels” or wish for a return of stewardesses and other clear-cut visual cues of gender rigidity — the less able we are to move forward and come up with our own ideas."

I don't watch too much TV because of the lack of quality shows. However, I have been watching Amazing Race and Survivor. I also watch, Walking Dead, Breaking Bad and Alphas.

It does seem like the number of quality shows are diminishing.
It does feel as if we're moving backward to see "clear-cut visual cues of gender rigidity" and male-dominant power relationships infesting everything on TV. My husband and I watched the pilot of Charlie's Angels, and decided we didn't want the series. He said, "It's pretty much the same as the old show; we used to watch that." I replied, "I've grown up since then," to which he agreed.

Fall TV , pleh!
And for all those who haven't grown up... There is definitely a need to bring them "up to steam".

meh, I'm not really surprised. The women's lib movement got sidelined mid-stream and taken over by women who simply wanted "what men had" instead of looking to change social structures and philosophies, and by men who considered it more fruitful to let women have a few of the male perks, without rocking the boat too much. Now that feminism is out of style, the "old boys club" seems oh so cool ;)

   It's really the same essence of our Western politics, keep the poor above drowning level to shut them up and keep the global status quo.

   Women are still a purchasable and marketable commodity.

Boob jobs are the American burka and its not just tv.  Remember Sam Harris' ted talk where he discusses the "problem of women's bodies." Arg.


We have the pendulum swinging back to the mythical good old days but I hope progress will prevail in the end. Women have made great strides in the west but the work is far from done.

Boob jobs are the American burka

Awesome! :D

How do you make something fantastic even better?  Make them plastic!


No no no no no no no no no no no.  Ugh.

I actually have something good to add to this.  I've just read a book by Stephanie Coontz that deals with this in a very even-handed way.  Maybe you have all read it since it's an older book, but it's called  'The Way We Never Were: American Families and the Nostalgia Trap'. 

Here's a video of the author talking on the subject.

I highly recommend it.  

Did you see the abercrombie & fitch little girl's push up bra for 7 year olds?  man alive! 


Push up bras fro 7 year olds? Totally disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!


i never liked tv, never watched it and no one in my family does. i think its a waste of productive time. i got rid of mine long ago. but thats just me. having said that, many people DO watch tv ... a lot. i think this thing u mention begins with our mistreatment of teenagers (especially). in the united states the prevailing cultural standards and mores are wildly inconsistent with the behavior of commercial interests. but, ironically, both de facto standards are oppressive and violate the human rights of teenagers (and especially the human rights of girls). one is reactionary, ignorant and superstitious and the other is purely opportunistic and exploitative. this oxymoronic situation renders teens devoid of protection from ignorance and opportunists. we are uber uptight about sex, but then commercially exploit people with it mercilessly.


we all know about the irrational taboos and mores about sex that abound here. the exploitation is a clever manipulation of precisely the suppressed urges teens have (due to the reactionary mores -  and not just sexual) in order to shape and mold their behavior into patterns of action that consistently and foolishly removes money (earned through honest labor) from their pocket and transfers it to the wealthiest asset holders in the world; *even when it is counterproductive to the better interests of the teenager or adult to do so*. it promotes itself from public persuasion and honest advertising and waxes fraudulent when its kind becomes one in which the victim would never have acceded to the desired behavior if certain information about the transaction was knowable and known to them at that time. in the last 20 years almost all commercial advertising in the u.s. has become fraudulent in this sense. cigarette ads on tv (not regulated in the seventies) was one of the early examples of this kind of fraudulent advertising. it is all based on disinformation, lies, deception and; in sum, fraud. it is creating a pathological society that cannot sustain in this manner.


i think the exploitation of women in this regard is one major component of this overall problem. and no matter the integrity with which we fight the good fight and no matter how many converts we win, if capitalist interests are allowed to continue in this manner, this oxymoronic situation will endure.


this is all just my opinion, of course. kk


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