The War On 12-Year-Old Gir

Atheist Nexus may be small, but it's far safer than Facebook or Reddit for adolescent girls.

... Facebook’s famously blind eye to pages that intimidate and exploit underage girls, notably the “12-Year-Old Slut Memes” page ...

I think it has a whole lot to do with just how deeply engrained the hatred of women is in our culture.

... there is a strong and vocal community of little creeps who are simultaneously aroused and hateful and scared to death of everything that a young girl represents. Who look at her and feel so bad about their own pathetic selves they want nothing more than to tear her down and make her feel ever worse about herself.

... stay brave and autonomous and bullyproof and be their worst nightmare. Because they’re been trying to be yours for way too long.

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I've heard of this.

The double-paradox of "be sexy for us"

"but don't be sexy for us".

Is fucking enraging. You're damned if you do, damned if you don't--literally--I get shit for not being "sexy enough" on a regular basis from random assholes on okcupid, while I've seen plenty of other fat girls my size called 'whores' for daring to have larger boobs and not cover them up constantly.

I don't get society. Society seems like a teenage boy who's more concerned with moving the goalposts constantly than being helpful or interesting.

Maybe this is off-topic, but this still smells to me like a variation on the Madonna - whore model, combined with the fact that sex sells damned near EVERYTHING and the supposed built-in enticement of a girl on the cusp of puberty.

A LONG time ago (well over 30 years), I remember seeing an article regarding this, coupled with an example: an ad featuring a young girl (10-12 years old, I THINK), posed as sensually as was possible for a photographer, with a caption something to the effect of the HUGE sales potential represented by said picture.  I shook my head and groaned back then, yet that mindset is not only still with us, it has done nothing but grow in the intervening three decades.

What you do about this, short of government regulation of the advertising business, I don't know.  Believe me when I say, Brutsch has his like on Madison Avenue ... plenty of 'em, in fact, and while they may not be the genesis of this attitude, they sure as hell don't help matters.

Yes, Loren I know what you are talking about. All those young child models posing in sexy poses to sell things. Don't get me started on the child pageants they have. Yuck.

Never mind Tots and Tiaras ... phenomenal!

That is such terrible news - reading the article now.


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