While I've admired Naomi Wolf's awareness of the threats to democracy, her feminism sounds suspect based on this review of Vagina: A New Biography. On the other hand the reviewer demonstrates bias and lack of feminist consciousness herself, when she says

The vagina may be built to withstand multiple childbirths, but apparently even a joke at its expense can shut women down: Wolf says she couldn’t write for six months after a male friend celebrated her book deal with a festive dinner featuring vagina-shaped pasta (“cuntini”) followed by salmon. It was the salmon that really did her in. Well, at least it wasn’t fish tacos. Or clams.

Here she derides Wolf for internalizing a subtle form ridicule by a male friend, as if she's never taken hurt from a man's verbal violence which your inner circle of friends finds amusing (at your expense). Pollitt is laughing at Wolf publicly too, implying "What's wrong with you that you can't take a joke! Here's a woman author that dared to write about her inner feelings connected to her vagina, an ideal target for disdain. Let's all laugh at her."

Before you throw stones, look to your own feminism Katha Pollitt.

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This is new information to me - I'll have to research this further.


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