Pat Robertson: Atheist women were likely raped, and that’s why they reject Jesus (Raw Story)

Televangelist Pat Robertson on Monday offered viewers an explanation as to why atheist women refused to accept Jesus as their person savior: They were probably raped.

A viewer named Sandra told Robertson in a letter that she didn’t understand why an atheist coworker was “openly hostile at the mere mention of God” when the viewer tried to “bring her to Jesus.”

“Should I abandon the idea of being a positive influence on her and just let her perish?” Sandra asked.

Robertson speculated that the coworker could be controlled by “something that is demonic” or “something that is deep ingrained.”

Read the rest (including video) here.


I think I'm going to designate Pat Robertson as the Clown Prince of the Religious Reich, because there is never any telling what kind of absurd shit is going to come out of his mouth next.  Apparently, he and his fellows can't conceive of the possibility that we arrive at atheism by way of reason and logic.  Oh, no, we must have been hurt by someone, something BAD must have happened to color our opinions or our psyche, and in our wounded state, we drifted away from ol' Haysus.

Honestly, I'd love to see Pat lay this line on Greta Christina or Tracie Harris or maybe Ayaan Hirsi Ali and see the reaction.

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The way I see it, Pat Robertson never came to Allah because he had anal probes inserted by grey aliens who had robes, weird headgear, and looked like Islamic mullahs. Makes as much sense as his statement.

There is one other possible explanation. Maybe, just maybe mind you, the co-worker is sick and tired of having a self-righteous, arrogant, ignorant, moron trying to rudely cram her idiotic, superstitious beliefs down the co-worker's throat every time she goes to the water cooler or restroom.

Of course Pat had the sense to ask the followup question, why a woman who had been raped might be repelled by the patriarchal, women-as-property view of conservative Christianity, right?




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