PETA Says Abusing Animals is Wrong but Abusing Women is Humorous

The folks at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animalsenjoy creating controversy in the name of animal rights. And they've done it again with a new 30-second ad on its website. Unfortunately, this time they've gone too far.

In this ad, we see a half-naked woman walking down the street in a neck brace and shirt. She appears dazed and distraught. As the voiceover explains, her boyfriend went vegan and, well, the sex was so rough, this is the result. The woman arrives home with a bag of groceries filled with fruits and vegetables. The moral of the story: Vegan men have such powerfully intense sex, it'll rough you up and you'll love it.

One of the most common myths about domestic violence is that its victims somehow enjoy getting beat up. This is what the PETA ad is promoting. There were numerous other ways to show the same message that sex is better as a vegan rather than to show a woman so beaten up she needed a neck brace. The choice to portray such a violent image of an abused woman is misogynist at best. And furthermore, it is not "humorous."

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This is horrifying.  How sad.  And how stupid.

That is just sick! They have their priorities mixed up.

They overdid it like crazy, but I think you're missing their basic point.  I think they're appealing to the male side of the equation.  Vegan-ism will make you sexually powerful.  Lots of men are stupid enough to think that shoving with your penis like a jackhammer is a positive thing.

On that note, I think they're spot on.  They know their target: men with a complex about their sexual inadequacies.  It's horrible, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's at least a little bit effective.  They're trying to bring more men to vegan-ism (since there are fewer of them), and I think this may do just that.


I think the article is going a little far, comparing it to domestic violence.  You have to look at the context.  It's obvious, at the end, that they're comparing it to rough sex, not abuse.

It's television.  One of the basic style elements of television is exaggeration.  In romantic comedies, people act in an exaggerated, over-emotional manner, to drive the storyline to extremes.  In action movies, people have things explode next to them, and they ride the blast outward, when a similar explosion in real life would turn most of their internal organs into jelly.  Martial artists strike each other with blows that would kill someone in real life, and they keep on fighting, barely dazed.

That's what they're doing here.

Some girls like it rough.  The neck brace and facial bruises are ridiculous, but ... well, I know people who have done that having sex, in real life, to a lesser degree.

I stick to more controllable S/M, myself, because I'm always afraid of doing more damage than I intend.  When I pull out the hairbrush or something similar, and i leave bruises that last for several days, because she begs me to smack her harder, am I being abusive?  Never mind the chew marks and hickies.

I have drawn blood with my teeth because someone asked for it, but this girl doesn't posture as if she asked for it.  Have you watched the actual video, Joseph P?  You know that I am sexually liberal, but it made my stomach hurt, especially when the nerd wimp asked her if she was feeling better.

I watched it a few weeks ago, yeah.  I've seen several women walk funny, after really aggressive sex.  I don't know about the way that she's walking, but a lot can be written off to bad direction/acting.  And, well, a head-plant into the wall is going to do some damage.  I've had roommates who have fucked up their shoulders, hips, and back, doing stupid things in bed.  Fortunately, I was out at the time, so I didn't have to hear it directly, just saw the aftermath.

It's kind of tasteless, but the comparison to domestic abuse is a little reactionary.  The most I'd rate it is careless, unsafe sex.  The physical evidence shown in the flashback and at the end of the video demonstrates how she got injured, and it wasn't intentional abuse, just stupidity.  Always remember your safe word, children.




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