Ah Quiverfull (QF), the most regressive new belief system in the US today. I have been searching for a feminist or athiest (both, ideally) response to this belief system, but have come up short. If you are an A/F, QF is the exact opposite of everything you hold dear and true. If you believe in liberating women, just reading about QF will hurt- esp when they use "feminist" ideals to justify their submission.

I would love to hear your opinions on this topic!

If you are not familiar with this religious movement (not a mere belief), check it out:
No, its not a bad joke or satire. These women truly believe that:
- Patriarchy is the best way to live, and is divined by god through the bible
- Feminism brought humanity to ruin, to be happy as a woman you have to serve man
- Submission to men is the highest gift you can give god
- Gods owns a woman's uterus (she has no say), you breed til menopause, or death
- Divorce is never acceptable (NEVER- even if he molests your kids...)
- Dating is unholy, and your first kiss should be on your wedding day
- Birth control is against gods will, and is to be put into gods hands (often 10+ kids)
- A woman should be joyful and have a submissive, meek spirit, and a servants heart
- God will bless your marriage is you yield to his authority, follow even if he's wrong
- A demanding woman who wants to lead is a "jezebel" who ruins marriages
- Science is only ok if its biblical, evolution is the devils work
- Home births are not just encourages, but expected

The most visible, positive, example of this movement is the Duggar family:
they have a show on TLC called "18 kids and counting". It was originally 17 kids, and next season it will be 19 (she's pregnant again). In past seasons, their fundie beliefs were highlighted, the longer they are on, the more their beliefs are edited out, so they appear a normal family, just with 18 kids. This show is disturbing because it shows only the best possible example of Quiverfull, which could be appealing to women who long to be a blessed homemaker.

The best example of the dark side is here:
***Read this blog, and drop her a note- she really needs the support of feminist, atheists.*** You will see why if you read through it.
This woman has her ATHEIST uncle to thank- he helped her realize that the way she was living was unhealthy. And he did it with gentle, logical questioning, which helped her find her critical thinking skills. It is a fascinating look into a QF family.
This movement is wrong in so many ways, it's difficult to choose a place to start.....
Here is a list of topics I want to address, no particular order (please add to it):

1) Why do modern women choose to live this way?
2) The effects of rigidly practiced biblical Patriarchy/gender roles, on the whole family.
3) How QF'ers view, and deal with, abusive relationships. (!dangerous and sick!)
4) Breeding to win the culture war- children as arrows and soldiers for the lord.
5) "Gods way is always the hardest", Modern Martyrs.
6) Isolated children, bible based home school, child "training"
7) How QF is a backlash against feminism, parts of QF directly related to anti-feminism

I hope you enjoy this topic, I am fascinated with it.


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I know, I don't have anything to add either. I'm glad others have found NLQ, it is very powerful.

I do think its helpful to show the women that there are HAPPY feminist atheists out there. It takes a lot of courage to leave this type of lifestyle, knowing that there it is another way to live is always helpful.


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