I'm a Lesbian Feminist Atheist. I am disgusted and appalled that religions still use bible stories to squash females' worth and independence. Clearly, the bible and religion was created by men to have control over females. We, as females, need to speak out when there are injustices against us. Only when we all stand United, will our voices be heard adn we'll have 100% respect. On a side note, I recommend the documentary Miss Representation which illustrates how men, media and society objectify and hyper-sexualize females.

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Always nice to meet a fellow lesbian feminist atheist. :P
I totally agree with you, the Bible is disgustingly misogynistic. I will definitely look into Miss Representation. Thanks for the recommendation. 

Even a superficial reading of the bible shows it to be a misogynistic mess, written by men for men's benefit.  Perhaps the single biggest problem with that tome is that it has no means to evolve or improve itself with time, as humankind has done both.  In so doing, we have outgrown the skewed and misshapen morals the bible promotes, recognized the value of ALL human beings, regardless of their background, and work, slowly but surely to create a level playing ground for EVERYONE.

In such a scheme, the bible has NO PLACE.  It is an anachronism.  It and the religions built on it deserve to be treated as such.

They hate us and want to subdue us. But when I look at the amount of time and energy they use for misogyny, I can only conclude that they must be scared shitless.

Hey, now, wadaminit!!!  *I* don't hate y'all!  But the power-hungry idiot-children of the past and present ... sadly, they are another matter.

Amazing how much their behavior mimics that of men who hate gays, and indeed, they are frequently the same people.  Even as homophobic men may be reacting because they see gay tendencies in themselves, I wonder if a similar reaction - that of a recognition of feminine traits in themselves - is at least part of the cause of misogyny?

Again, I'm an engineer, not a psychologist ... but that would be worth a look.

You don't hate us, of course not, you're not the type! People who live by equality and cooperation seldom hate.

And I think you have a point there: xtians are trained NOT to accept all parts of themselves - they always have strange admonitions about ´killing the old Adam´. I don't know who he is but it's a call to suppress everything in yourself the god doesn't like, and that's quite a lot!


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