Searching for Safety Online: Managing “Trolling” in a Feminist Forum

Interesting article dissecting the phenomenon of trolling, and its repercussions. The case study involves a feminist online forum.

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Thanks for the clarification Bruce. I wasn't aware of the earlier thread, and I absolutely agree that misinformation should be corrected. If that's all you're doing, I don't have a problem with it.

I appreciate the fact that you are willing to take my sincerity at face value, and hope to have some good and mutually-enlightening discussions with you Sandy.

Yeah, Oryx was engaging in a lot of dishonest tactics.  Multiple times, he closed a thread that he or Asharu started, after posting his final flame ... and on at least one occasion he closed a thread, re-opened it to post his final message, and then closed it again.  It made an unholy mess of the argument.  I can just imagine what it's like, trying to make sense of it after the fact, like you are.
Anything I've written or done on these message boards was out of a desire to promote feminism and to try to stand up for what I felt was right in the face of what I felt was attacks, anti-feminist baiting and other disingenuous reasons for being on these boards (like collecting material for anti-feminist stage jokes, or trying to belittle violence or rape against women. I stand by my actions, regardless of your posthumous clarifications or interpretations during my absence.
Heh heh heh heh heh.  Your actions were very dishonest, man.  It's sad that you can't see it.
What's really dishonest here, dishonest intent? dishonest morals? or logistics of using a message board? :)
I dunno man, I think you've got most of those pretty much covered.
How you could possibly construe my intentions for being on this group as dishonest or my morals dishonest is beyond me. You may not agree with me but that's different.
Not your intention for being in this group, just your usage of its discussion section.  I already explained it here.

I'll accuse him of hipocracy, which is certainly intellectual dishonesty.

After all, I am STILL waiting for a response regarding his behavior here:

Among other points in the argument, yes.
Yes, please read through all the threads and see if a sincere desire at clarification was all that was taking place. :)


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